Слем-урок в 5 классе на тему "Present Progressive Tense"


- Hello dear, I’m glad to see you. Today we must remember one grammar construction but fist of all I offer you to play "Imagination".

- And the first imagination is about autumn. (На экране картинка осеннего леса, теплое солнце просвечивает деревья, повсюду видны ягоды-грибы, тихо звучит музыка леса)

Дары осеннего лесаДары осеннего леса

- This year autumn is very warm and wet. So, imagine please you are in the forest, there are lots of mushrooms everywhere. You have a basket in your hands. You want to pick them up. Let’s do it! Tell me, please, what are you doing now?
Pupils: We are picking mushrooms now.

Teacher: OK. Well done!
- The next imagination sends us to the stadium. We are going to take part in running competition. (На экране картинка с изображением беговых дорожек стадиона со спортсменами на старте. Сопровождающая музыка "Давай, Россия!")

Бегуны на стартеБегуны на старте

- Tell me, please, can you run?

Pupils: Yes, of cause.
Teacher: Let’s run together! What are you doing now?
Pupils: We are running now.
Teacher: Great! Thank you.

- And the last imagination will be about our future summer holidays. I think all of you like relaxing. (На экране картинка с изображением морского пляжа. Тихий шум волн звучит в сопровождение)
- So, let’s imagine that you are on the seaside. The sea is near. You can hear it. You have only one wish – to swim just now. Can you swim?
Pupils: Yes, we can.

Teacher: Let’s swim! What are you doing now?
Pupils: We are swimming now.
Teacher: Fine! Thank you.

- So, boys and girls, tell me, please, what grammar construction must we use when we describe the action in the moment?
Pupils: We must use Present Progressive Tense.
Teacher:Right you are. And do you remember how it forms?

Pupils: to be (am/is/are) + V ing.
Teacher: You are absolutely right. (На экране представлена формула сказуемого в данном времени)
- Let’s take the phrase of last imagination and tell it with different pronouns.

Pupils: I am swimming now.
We are swimming now.
You are swimming now.

She is swimming now.
He is swimming now.
It is swimming now.
They are swimming now.

Teacher: Thank you very much. And to be sure that you have remembered everything do, please, the last task in groups.

Раздаточный материал: 3 конверта, в каждом конверте по одной картинке (танцующая танго пара, рисующая девочка и дети, играющие в шахматы) и разрезанная по словам фраза, глагол to be в трех вариантах.

Teacher: Open you envelopes, do you see a picture? Make up the suitable sentence for your picture, please.
- Thank you.

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