Открытый урок английского языка 9 класс "Резиденция премьер-министра Великобритании (10 Downing Street)"

УМК: "Английский в фокусе" ("Spotlight - 9") Ю.Е. Ваулина, В. Эванс и др.

Тип урока: Введение и активизация нового лексического материала.

Цель: совершенствование коммуникативной компетенции по теме "Резиденция премьер-министра Великобритании".


  • развитие умений поискового и изучающего чтения;
  • расширение словарного запаса;
  • развитие способности логического изложения мыслей.

Оборудование и наглядность: учебник "Spotlight-9", аудиокурс к УМК, компьютер, проектор, презентация.

Ход урока


- Good afternoon, everyone! How are you? (ответы учащихся)
- I hope that you all are fine today. Have you travelled this year?

- Would you like to go to England someday?
- What places would you like to see there?

Проверка домашнего задания

- Let’s check up your hometask. It was Ex.5 p.36 – to read the text and to learn new words from p. 32.
- I want to check new words with the cards. Repeat the words.

- You must complete the gaps and write the translation of these words…
- Let’s begin. Write down your names at first. (работа с карточками – вставить пропущенные буквы и перевести слова)

Введение в тему урока

- Look at the picture on the page 37 and try to guess what this place is.
- You can find one prompt (подсказку) if you look at the front door of the building in the picture.

Резиденция премьер министра Великобритании на Downing Street 10Резиденция премьер министра Великобритании на Downing Street 10

- Yes, this building is famous for its number – "Number 10" or 10 Downing Street.
- So, today we are going to get to know this place better.

Основная часть

1. New lexical items.

- There are some new words and phrases in bold. (жирными) What are their meanings?
- Open your exercise books for vocabulary and write them finding their translation.

2. Presentation.

- Let’s look the presentation and know more about it. (просмотр мультимедийной презентации и обсуждение)

3. Listening.

- Well, listen to the whole text to make sure that your sentences are correct.
- After listening, we will discuss it.

4. Writing.

- Open your exercise books. Write down today’s date, classwork and do Ex.2 p.37.
- Read the text again and match the missing phrases (A – G) to the gaps (1 – 6) in the right box.

- There is one extra phrase you don’t need.
- And Ex.3 p.37. Use some of the new words/phrases to complete the sentences.

5. Song Sheets. "My Neighbourhood" (физкультминутка)

- Who is on duty today. Please, come to the blackboard and show to the class how to rest…
- Thank you.

6. Reading.

- Let’s look through the text and be ready to answer three questions (Ex.1 p.37):

  • Where is it?
  • Who lives there?
  • What takes place there?

7. Speaking.

- Pupils, tell the class four interesting facts you remember from the text. (Ex.5 p.37)
- How are the following related to 10 Downing Street. Let’s speak about it. (Ex.4 p.37)

- Как относятся следующие вещи к дому 10 на Даунинг-стрит?

  • Парадная лестница
  • Кабинет
  • Маргарет Тэтчер
  • Сэр Роберт Уолпол
  1. The Grand staircase in Number 10 has portraits of every past prime minister hanging on its walls.
  2. The Cabinet Room is where government ministers meet to discuss important issues.
  3. Margaret Thatcher is a former prime minister who once lived at Number 10.
  4. Sir Robert Walpole was the first prime minister. Number 10 was given to him as a gift, but he decided it should be used by all future prime ministers.

Заключительная часть урока

1. Giving homework.

The hometask is to do some research about a famous house/building in Russia, then write a short article about it. (Ex.6 p.37)


  1. who lives there;
  2. what it’s like (inside and outside);
  3. its history and other interesting facts about it.

2. Reflexion. Grading students.

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