Конспект урока английского языка 9 класс "Education in Great Britain"

УМК: Английский язык 9 класс (авт. Кузовлев В.П., Лапа Н.М. и др.)

Данный урок разработан для учащихся 9 классов на основе учебника В.П. Кузовлева English 9. На уроке ребятам предлагается познакомиться с информацией о системе образования в Великобритании.

Ход урока

- Hello Sit down, please. What is the date today?
- What day is it today What can you tell about the weather?
- Who is absent today?

- At previous lessons we`ve talked with about education in 6-B. We`ve read and translated with you some texts.
- Let`s revive all this in formation to gether.

  1. How many percent of children do attend state schools?
  2. How many percent of children do attend independent schools?
  3. Should the Barents bay for education at state schools?
  4. What about independent schools?
  5. What kind of independent school do you know?
  6. Is the secondary school compulsory.
  7. At what age the children must attend the school?
  8. What schools do provide the secondary education?
  9. What variants do the children have after leaving school?
  10. How long do they study of 6th form?
  11. What does it mean "FURTHER&DUCATION"?

- We have repeated the general information about school and further education in G.B.I after you to check the knowledge of each other. We`ll make 2 circles.
- The outdoor eirele school only write the question at the cards. The inside eirele should answer these questions.
- If somebody don`t know the answer, the member of outside eirele should answer by itself. Assess yourselves. Well done.

- Now let`s work in 2 groups. The 1st group will answer the questions about "school education in 6B".
- You see the table on your desks. The table which is called "SCHOOL EDUCATION" is you the 1st group.
- The 2nd table is "AFTER SCHOOL EDUCATION" is for the 2nd group.

- Every group have some information in their tables, but not all this information is correct and full.
- Your task is to complete the table and to correct the mistakes where it`s necessary.
- Read your tables. Look at the screen. Correct the mistakes assess yourselves.

- Every team sees the card, which has 2 columns. At the 1st columns you see the questions, at the 2nd columns you have the answers.
- Your task match the question and the correct answer to every question. The 1st team has the questions, which are connected with education at school.
- The 2nd team has the questions which are connected with after school education.

- Let`s check. Look at the screen. Assess yourselves. Well done.
- I after you to do the crosswords. Both teams will have the some crosswords. You can see then on the decks. You`ve 4 minutes.
- All questions are connected with school and further education. Let`s check.

- The educational system in 6B is very difficult and interesting at the some time.
- We`ve read and learn with you a lot of information. It`s difficult to learn it by heart.
- I after you to help another children and make the pamphlets which can help to learn it.

- The 1st team you`ll make the pamphlet about school education. The 2nd team should make the pamphlets about AFTER SCHOOL EDUCATION.
- At every paper you have some phrases which can help to do it. You`ve 5 minutes. Let`s check assess your selves.

- Today we have reviewed with you our know ledges about school education and after you the text about the education in the USA.
- This country is also English-language country. Every team has a the some text about the USA education system.
- But these texts are not completed. At the text of the 1st team some words are missed. And you should fill the gaps.

- At the text of the 2nd team the sentences are missed. You should fill the gaps with these sentences. You`ve 5 minutes. Let`s check.
- Look at screen and assess yourselves. Well done.

- You assess yourselves during all the lesson it after you to summarize them and write your marks.
- Thank you for your work. The lesson is aver. Good bay.


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