Конспект урока английского языка 9 класс "A Healthy Way of Life"


  • повторение и систематизация словарного запаса по изучаемой теме, активизация речемыслительной активности учащихся за счет создания перспективы работы над темой;
  • развитие монологической речи (обсуждение, оценочное высказывание);
  • формировать ответственное отношение к своему здоровью, воспитывать культуру общения.


Учебник: "English 9" В.П. Кузовлев.

Ход урока

Вводная часть урока

Good morning! I hope you are feeling well today. Where are Nastya and Andrei?  I wonder what’s wrong with them?

They have problems with their health, haven’t they? Is there anything more important than health? I rather doubt it.

If your body suffers from any disorder your mind suffers with your body too. You can’t be good either at work or at studies. Aches and pains lead to irritation, nervous break down, apathy.

The subject of our discussion today is a healthy way of life. Our health depends on many things: our good or poor health habits, our physical activity, the food we eat.

Работа с асcоциограммой

Уточнение фактов, создание зрительного смыслового схематичного образа рассматриваемого понятия.

And think of some poor health habits. What bad habits destroy our life and lead to hypochondria?

Учащиеся предлагают варианты (идеи), которые собираются на доске вокруг основного понятия, например:


Работа в группах: проанализировать и описать картинки

Группы получают задания, которые являются частью темы, лексика отрабатывается контекстуально.

Now we’ll do some group work. You are divided into three groups.

Each of the group chooses the picture and think of something to say what diseases these habits cause. How do they affect people?  Go into as much details as you can. The students of the other groups can add some details they like.

  1. What health problems do the smokers have?
  2. What health problems does physical inactivity lead to?
  3. What diseases can be provided by eating unhealthy food?

Работа с текстом

Группы получают один и тот же текст, но задания к нему разные).Поисковое чтение и письменное оформление ответов.

Each of the member of your group will read the text. Then together you’ll choose the specific information what problems are there with Bobby Chubby. The first group will tell about the problems with his heart and write down what the heart says.

The second and the third groups will say whether questions of health are raised by his brain and his backbone.

Say some important things he must know about what is good for his health (for his heart, for his backbone and brain). What can you suggest him? Do any writing on the lists of paper.

Rebellion against Bobby Chubby.

As if made of stone, Bobby was sitting in front of the computer. So absorbed he was in his favourite pastime, he barely noticed time passed – hour by hour. He had been sitting at the computer for several hours.

Suddenly he heard faint voices and they were getting louder and louder. His heart cried, “I have no strength to pump your blood through your body because you wastе your life at the computer. I’m very tired and stressed. I’m shot”. His backbone claimed, ”I’m archery. I feel myself miserably”.  His brain grumbled, ”I need some fresh air”.

“It can’t be true”, thought Bobby, “what do you want from me?”

“Physical activity”, said the heart, “you should strengthen your musles.”

“Do some sport”, said his brain, ”you should be a sporty person”.

“Oh, no”, groaned Bobby, “no sports! I think it’s very dangerous. I am a couch potato”.

His backbone became angry with him,  ”Long sitting in one place makes your back hunched. Strong, well-exercised musles support me.” “But hypodynamic kids are more liable to have accidents during the PE lessons and outdoors”, said the brain.

“Movements make me strong and I pump blood through your veins”.

“I need oxygen to work hard”, said the brain, “he who wants to have a brainy healthy head should do something with his body. You should be strong both physically and mentally”.

Проверка понимания информации

Презентация ответов каждой группы и возможно дополнение класса, что необходимо сделать, чтобы изменить ситуацию.

Подготовка к монологическому высказыванию

Формирование самостоятельного иноязычного высказывания в группах с использованием предложенного языкового материала для составления плана – опоры для будущего устного высказывания.. Учащиеся каждой группы подбирают те пословицы, которые подходят для данной ситуации и в своих высказываниях комментируют их.

It’ very important to be fit and healthy. There are some things to make yourselves better. And now be ready to talk over the following questions.

  1. How does sport help you?
  2. What food is healthy and why?
  3. What habits help you to be fit and healthy?

1. SPORT – to gain strength, to develop musles, to teach to win, to strengthen bones( heart), to make us strong and fast, to teach to be disciplined, to prevent diseases, to help people to be in good health, to develop character and quick thinking. You know the proverbs which give you some good advice. Match the proverb “A sound mind is in a sound body” to this information.

2. FOOD – fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat food, minerals, protein, fibre, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, to help your body to grow, to give energy,

Match the proverb to this information: “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”.

3. GOOD HABITS – to do exercises, to have regular meals, to sleep enough, to get vitamins and minerals, to spend much time outdoors, to keep your body clean, to sit straight when you are sitting or writing.  How do you understand the following proverb: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

В результате у каждого учащегося есть план – опора. План – опора зачитывается одним  из учащихся группы и дополняется (уточняется) учащимися других групп.

Домашнее задание

Дифференцированное задание: подготовка письменного или устного сообщения.

Please, write down your hometask. Here’s the proverb about  health. “He who has health has hope, and who has hope has everything.” Make your own notes or tell about your hopes for future and whether your health is good enough to realize all your hopes.  What is your opinion of being fit?

What should you do to be fit?

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