Тесты по английскому языку для 5-11 класса

Предлагаемые варианты тестовых заданий по английскому языку с 5-11 класс помогут ученикам проверить свои знания.

Преподаватели могут использовать эти задания в качестве диагностических тестов.

Варианты тестовых заданий для 5-х классов

1. She plays … tennis perfectly.

A) in    B) -   C) the

2. When … you born?  I … born in 1989.

A) was, was    B) are, am    C) were, was

3. He usually … part in a horse race.

A) is talking    B) takes    C) take

4. In summer it’s … than in winter.

A) hot    B) more hotter    C) hotter    D) the hottest

5. … Britain attract many tourists?

A) Is    B) Do    C) Does    D)-

6. My sister hates … detective films. 

A) watch    B) watches    C) watching

7. We go on picnics … the 7th of April.

A) in    B) on    C) -    D) at

8. Travelling by plane is … .

A) the interesting    B) most interesting    C) the most interesting

9. The weather today is … than it was yesterday.

A) worse    B) worst    C) bad

10. … of the park there’s a café.

A) In the middle    B) Behind    C) Near  D) In front of

11. Does Richard … computer games?

A) plays    B) play    C) playing

12. He … at the moment.

A) is writing    B) writes    C) write

13. … do you do on Sundays? 

A) When    B) Where    C) What    D) Why

14. Let’s … tomorrow.

A) go fishing    B) fishing    C) go fish

15. Peter has breakfast … 8 a.m.

A) in    B) at    C) –

16.He is … good cook.

A) the    B) -    C) a

17. I go to see my Granny … the morning.

A) at    B) on    C) in

18. What … this film about? 

A) do    B) does    C) is    D)-

19. … he play the musical instrument?

A) -    B) Does    C) Do

20. Mr. Williams  … got a parrot.

A) have    B) has got    C) has    D) haves 

Варианты тестовых заданий для 6 классов

1. This shirt is nice and that … is too expensive.

A) ones    B) one    C) once

2. Susan does yoga … a week.

A) one    B) twice    C) two

3. They … tired before they did it again. 

A) look    B) had looked    C) looked

4. … you at home yesterday? 

A) Was    B) Were    C) Are

5. He hates … dishes. 

A) to wash    B) wash    C) washing

6. Take … one!  The apple is sweet. 

A) those    B) these     C) this

7. … pupils came to see the show. 

A) Much    B) Little    C) Few

8. It’s frosty and windy!  … the door. 

A) Closed    B) Close    C) Don’t close

9. … sunshine outdoors. 

A) There is    B) It is    C) It was

10. My Dad had saved money for a long time before he … a car.

A) had bought    B) bought

11. It … to rain. 

A) goes    B) is going    C) going

12. I learned … when I was 5. 

A) read    B) to read    C) reading

13. He … travel a lot. 

A) used    B) is used to   C) used to

14. It usually … in winter. 

A) snows   B) snowy   C) snow

15. We’ve got … eggs, go and buy some. 

A) few   B) little   C) less

16. I don’t like these jackets. Show me those … . 

A) one  B) jacket  C) ones

17. Tom is … than his brother.

A) oldest  B) older  C) the oldest

18. They didn’t … to school yesterday. 

A) went    B) go    C) goes

19. They … at 6p.m. tomorrow. 

A) arrived    B) arrive   C) will arrive

20. He never .. early. 

A) doesn’t get up    B) don’t get up   C) gets up   D) get up 

Варианты заданий для 7 классов

1. John and I … English.  

A) am  B) are  C) is

2. I speak French and English. David only … English.

A) speaks    B) does speak   C) speak

3. We’ll go for a walk if the weather … fine. 

A) will be    B) is    C) going to be

4. Listen! I … to you.

A) am talking    B) talk    C) am talk.

5. We can’t go out now.  … .

A) It rains.   B) It’s raining   C) It raining

6. Sarah  … out last night.  

A) didn’t went   B)  didn’t goes   C) didn’t go

7. I don’t mind … 

A) waiting    B) to wait    C) that I wait

8. English  … all aver the world.   

A) is spoke    B) are spoken    C) is spoken

9. I … English since I was twelve.

A) I’m learning    B) I’ve learned    C) I’ve learning

10.  I’m … to the disco on Saturday night, … join me? 

A) will/will    B) go/do    C) going/will

11.  … late this morning? 

A) Was you     B) Were you   C) You was

12.  My bike … .

A) have been stolen    B) has been stolen   C) has stolen

13.  If he asks you out, …

A) will you go?   B) would you go?    C) do you go?

14.  I enjoy … early. 

A) to get up  B) to getting up   C) getting up

15.  Oh no! … my key.  

A) I’ve lost     B) I’ve lose    C) I’m lost

16.  Does Michelle like John?  

A) No, she don’t    B) No, she doesn’t    C) No, she doesn’t like

17.  Walk!  

A) No run     B) Not run    C) Don’t run

18.  What … you doing?   

A) are    B) ‘s    C) do

19.  He …. School last June.  

A) left    B) has left   C) did leave

20.  He cuts a lot, …?  

A) don’t he    B) does he    C) doesn’t he

21.  Hi, Ben! I … you for ages.  

A) didn’t see   B) haven’t seen    C) hasn’t seen

22.  She usually … to bed at about 11.30.  

A) goes    B) is going    C) does go

23. Are you hungry?  No thanks. I’ve just … a snack. 

A) have   B) cat 

Варианты тестовых заданий для 9-х классов     

1. No doubt, … people prefer sacred music.

A. less   B. few   C. more    D. little

2. This music appeals …my heart and makes me … my childhood.

A. to, think of    B. to, to think of    C. to, think about

3. If the music …destroy your mind, it …your ears.

A. doesn’t, will destroy    B. won’t, will destroy   C. not, destroys

4. I am not … about …horror films.

A. concerned, watching   B. concerning, watching   C.  concerned, to watch

5. There is nothing better … quiz shows.

A. to watch B. than watching C. than watch

6. Phil told …the reporter that he …a telly addict.

A. -, is   B. to, was   C. - , was   D. to, is

7. Ann said …me that she …about the amount of ads.

A. to, would complain   B. to, has complained   C. -, had complained

8. The …popular weekly magazine is the “TV Times”.

A. less    B. more    C. least    D. much

9. Current affairs … every day.

A. broadcast    B. are broadcasted   C. are broadcast

10. I …high-fat meat since August.

A. eat    B. have eating    C. have been eating   D. have eaten

11. Carbohydrates are said …70% of your energy.

A . give   B. to be    C. to give   D. gives

12. If  I …a mayor of your city I … smoking on buses.

A. am, will ban    B. were, would ban   C. was, banned   D. were, banned

13. She eats much. As a result, she …10kgs. 

A. has gained    B. gains   C. has been gaining

14. I try to avoid … at night.

A. to eat    B. eat    C. eating    D. to eating

15. The Lomonosov University …in 1836.

A. was founded   B. founded    C. was found     D. was finded

16. I wish I … in a scientific field.

A. will work    B. worked    C. work    D. was work

17. I advise you to work …and….

A. hard, thoughtful    B. hardly, thoughtfully    C. hard, thoughtfully

18. Some students learn …than others.

A. faster    B. more fastly   C. fast    D. fastly

19. He asked …I knew the main parts of a computer.

A. if    B. weather    C. what    D. that

20. I can’t help … six chocolate bars.

A. to eat    B. not to eat    C. eating    D. eat

21. She … to sing as a child.  

A. is used    B. used    C. gets used    D. uses

22. She toured with a man …band was well-known.

A. whose    B. whom    C. which    D. who

23. What …exciting play!

A. a     B. -    C. an    D. the 

Варианты тестовых заданий для 11-ых классов

1. The English … strong traditions. 

A have many    B have much    C has many    D has much

2. … President of … United States  lives in … White House in … Washington D.C.

A -, the, the, -    B -, the, -, the     C -, -, the, the    D The, the, the, -

3. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive by … . 

A them    B they   C themselves    D theirs

4. They can’t have … more strawberries. I want … to make jam.

A some, any    B no, some    C any, any    D any, some

5. I work for Mr. Anderson every … Sunday. 

A other    B another    C the other    D others

6. She made the soup by mixing … meat with some rice.

A little    B a little    C few    D a few

7. … breakfast yet? – Yes, I … .

A Did you have, have    B Had you had, have    C Have you had, have    D Do you have, had

8. I … a new car last week, but I … my old car yet, so I now have two cars.

A bought, haven’t sold    B buy, don’t sell    C have bought, sold    D had bought, didn’t sell

9. I was late. The teacher … a test when I … to class.

A has already given, got    B had already given, got    C has already given, get

10. Tomorrow at this time, I … school.

A will attend     B will have been attending    C will be attending    D will have attended

11. I … all the questions since I began working on this test.

A am answering    B have answered    C answer    D has answer

12. I have my English class … Monday morning.

A in    B at   C for   D on

13. I … very busy lately.

A was    B was being    C had been    D have been

14. A new highway … sometime next month.

A will complete   B completes   C will be completed

15. You… have a passport if you want to travel abroad.

A can    B have to    C may    D might

16. I … live with my family, but now I live alone.

A am used    B used to   C was used to    D used

17. It … me two hours to drive there last night. 

A takes    B gave    C needed    D took

18. Either John … Mary…. my book.

A or, have    B or, has    C nor, have    D and, has

19. Mary has never been to London, … she? 

A has    B did    C hasn’t    D didn’t

20. Nothing was stolen, … ? 

A was it    B was nothing    C wasn’t it    D was anything

21. I enjoyed the film last night. … .

A Neither do I    B Neither did I    C  So do I     D So did I

22. The teacher wanted to know whether … the homework.

A would I prepare    B if I prepared    C I had prepared    D did I prepare

23. … not any glass in the windows, that’s why … so cold in the room.

A There is, it is    B It is, there is    C There are, it is    D It was, there is

24. How old … now if you … born in 1900?

A will you be    B would you be, were    C are you, were    D would you be, had been

25. When I … translating the text, I’ll go to the cinema.

A will finish    B will have finished    C have finished    D am finishing

26. I expected …. today.

A them come    B they come    C they came    D them to come

27. If it … raining yesterday, we … the game. 

A hadn’t been, would have finished     B wasn’t, will finish    C weren’t, would have finished     D weren’t, would finish

28. This was a lovely … journey.

A 3-hours    B 3-hour’s    C 3-hour    D 3-three-hours’

29. This is my … house.

A brother’s-in-law    B brother-in-low’s   C brother’s-in-law’s

30. The tourists went … an excursion in the morning. 

A on    B to    C in   D into

31. Suddenly she realized that she ….

A followed    B was following    C was being followed

32. He … to have connections with the Mafia. 

A knows    B is known    C has known    D knew

33. This is the second time you … up with the same query.

A came    B have come    D had come

34. I … the manager this afternoon.

A am seeing     B see    C saw    D shall see

35. When I arrived, the police … for me.

A had waited    B was waiting    C were waiting    D waited

36. At first I thought I … the right thing but it was a mistake.

A did     B had done    C have done

37. Unless he … do not press on him.

A doesn’t ask    B asks    C will ask    D won’t ask

38. It’s ages since he …  shopping.

A went    B has gone    C was going

39. I … him since he … .

A haven’t seen, left     B didn’t see, has left    C didn’t see, left

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