Лексико-грамматический контроль для 8 класса по теме "The World Can’t Do Without You"

В работе представлен лексико-грамматический контроль по английскому языку для 8 класса по теме "The World Can’t Do Without You", включает в себя 2 задания для проверки усвоенности лексики и грамматики при изучении данной темы

УМК: "Enjoy English 8"

Задание 1. Прочти текст и вставь нужные слова, 3 слова - лишние

Paper, recyclable, waste, collecting, recycling, pollution, logo, recycled, renewable.

Recycling is taking used materials and а) .. and then turning it into new, useful products. For example, most paper is made from trees, but if old paper is recycled, less trees will be needed.

Recycling uses less energy, and helps to control b) ... Three steps for recycling include c) .., sorting, and processing. What materials can be d) ..?

e) .., including newspapers, magazines, cardboard, books, and envelopes can all be recycled into reusable products. Plastic is also a common recyclable product, including water, soda, and other drink bottles; plastic bags, wrappers, and many more items.

Glass recycling also includes soda and other drink bottles, as well as jars, broken pieces of glass, and many other glass products. There is a special f) .. that shows the item can be recycled.

Задание 2. Поставь глаголы в правильную грамматическую форму

Scientists use lots of different methods to explore our planet and to learn about its past.

Our primitive ancestors 1. .. (appear) on the Earth about six million years аgо. They 2. .. (not look) like people. They looked more like apes. People (Homo sapiens) 3. .. (live) here for only about two million years.

We 4. .. (make) amazing progress from a creature with a stone axe to someone who’s able to leave the Earth on a spaceship and travel to the other planets. Before us the Earth looked different. The plants were huge and large areas 5. .. (cover) with forests.

If we 6. .. (have) a time machine, would you like to gо to the past and see everything with your own eyes? It 7. .. (will) be great to see a living dinosaur, wouldn’t it?


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