Сборник заданий по английскому языку на закрепление темы "Past Simple"

В работе представлены 3 упражения по английскому языку 7 класс для закрепления темы "Past Simple".

Упражнения "Past Simple"

Упражнение 1: Поставьте глаголы в утвердительной и отрицательной форме.

  • We (to play) chess with Tomas yesterday.
  • Misha (to stay) at the hotel.
  • She (not to know) my address.
  • He (to see) something interesting.
  • I (not to understand) those words.
  • You (to hear) the order.
  • Our parents (not to trust) doctors.
  • Helen (to have) an idea.
  • He (not to feel) any difference.
  • 1I (to know) it!

Упражнение 2: Поставьте глаголы в нужной форме.

  • She (to ask) any questions?
  • You (to see) them running?
  • Vera (to come back) home?
  • He (to notice) anything?
  • When Katya (to buy) this necklace?
  • How much you (to pay) for water?
  • What you (to find) on the ground?
  • Why you (to cry)?

Упражнение 3: Составьте предложения в Past Simple.

  • I (to break) the ruler.
  • Mira (to write) about her Birthday.
  • The children (not to like) cucumbers.
  • Your friend (to watch) yesterday?
  • You (to promise) to help your Granny?

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