План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку для 5 класса "Шоу детективов"

Цели и задачи внеклассного мероприятия:

  • повторение и закрепление тем "В городе", "Время", "Книги";
  • обобщение и углубление полученных знаний, формирование навыка аудирования с полным пониманием;
  • формирование мыслительных операций.

Ход мероприятия

Ведущий: Good afternoon, my dear pupils! Hello to our guests! Glad to see our jury! Today we are going to play a game called "A Detective Show".

Let me introduce our teams of detectives.

  • The first team is "Lawyers".
  • The second team is "Agents".
  • The third team is "Judges".

So, today we are given a chance to be detectives of our school. And we’ll see whose team is the best one "Let’s start!"

Look at the screen. We have 9 rounds:

Round 1
A good detective must speak correctly, so we’ll have phonetic competition. I’ll give you cards with tongue – twisters. Each member of the team will read it, then we’ll listen to the best reader of your team.

Round 2
True detectives must be quick when they search for information. Your second task is to find words in dictionaries as quick as possible.

Round 3
Detectives are very clever people. They easily notice every detail and guess everything they need. Your third task is to guess the book with the help of words. You’ll see 5 words on the screen, guess the book and write down the title of the book.

Round 4
I’ll give you cards with lots of letters in it. Your task is to find words, that are connected with topic "Books and films" After you find all the words you need to write the key word.

Now let's have a rest.

Round 5
Real detectives are very quick-thinking. Your task is to answer questions as quick as possible and correctly, of course.

Round 6
Sherlock Holmes received many letters with various riddles. I also have a letter for you. Read it and answer the question.

Round 7
Detectives must always be punctual. That’s why you’ll write the right time in words. I’ll give you cards.

Round 8
Very often detectives must decipher different codes. You’ll also write a code (It’ll be the letter of the alphabet). Read the card and write encrypted letter.

Round 9

What word did you get in round 8? Right – TREASURES. The last task for you is to find treasures on the map. I’ll give you the map and instructions. Please, read instructions and tick the building with treasures.

Go along Molodezhnaya street, past the park and the shop. At the traffic lights turn left. Go along Kalinina street past swimming pool. At the traffic lights turn left.

Go along Parkovaya street past the hospital and car park. Cross the road near the bus stop. You’ll see the museum. Go over the bridge. Treasures are in the building that stands next to the library.

Our jury is ready to announce the results! The first prize goes to… The second prize goes to… The third prize goes to…

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