Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку, посвященное Дню защитника Отечества "Army Day"

Цель: воспитание у учащихся чувства патриотизма, любви к Родине, уважения к ее защитникам, стремление служить Отечеству.

Оборудование: компьютер, карточки с кроссвордом, портреты полководцев, песня "Россия" в исполнении ансамбля "Любэ".

Ход мероприятия

Teacher: Good day, dear friends! Glad to see you! Today we are going to speak about Army Day – the day of defenders of our Motherland. We’ll remember the history of the holiday and speak about some famous people – the heroes of our country.

I’d like to suggest you a competition. Please, divide into two groups and find a leader of any group. (Звучит песня "Россия" в исполнении ансамбля "Любэ")

Emcee 1: The 23rd of February… This holiday is more than 80 years. And more than 80 years, the half of the strongest representatives of a mankind, celebrate the holiday of patriotism, endurance and kindness.

Emcee 2: On the 23rd of February, 1918, the German invaders were stopped near the river Narva and Pskov on the way to Petrograd. The day of the first victory, which was won by the young Red Army, became its birthday.

During 1941-1945 the Red Army had been defeating the enemies in the West and in the East and liberated the people of many countries. Но не только оружием сильна армия, она сильна стойкостью, храбростью и мужеством своих солдат. Более 60 лет назад наша Советская Армия разгромила войска Гитлера и освободила Европу от фашистских захватчиков.

Teacher: Today the program is devoted to the defender of our Motherland. Two commands will engage in the competition. The judges will appreciate your answers.
Emcee 1: The word "army" comes from the Latin word "armo" - "вооружаю".
The Army is strong not only because of the weapon, but thanks to its strong resistance, courage and the courage of his soldiers. More than 60 years ago, our Soviet army defeated Hitler's army and liberated Europe from the Nazis.

The first round "Intelectual quiz"

Each correct answer - 1 point.

  1. What are the names of three heroes, appeared on the picture of "The Three Bogatyrs"? (Илья Муромец, Алеша Попович, Добрыня Никитич)
  2. Why Alyosha was named as Popovich?
  3. Why Ilya had a nick-name Muromets?
  4. Who created the Russian Army? (Peter I)
  5. Who created the Russian Navy? (Peter I)
  6. What does the title of "midshipman"? (В переводе с французского "гардемарин" означает "морская гвардия", т.е. это человек, окончивший морскую академию. Это звание было установлено Петром I в 1716 г.)
  7. Who are the Grenadiers? (Это солдаты-гранатометчики, идущие впереди колонны)
  8. What is the similar between the tree and the rifle? (У дерева и у винтовки есть ствол - "trunk")
  9. "Checked - there are no mines." Who makes such inscriptions? (Саперы - Sappers)
  10. What gadgets defend us of poison gas? (Respirator)
  11. Name the most spread clothe of a sailor? (Тельняшка - striped vest)

The second round "Famous people"

Task 1.

Each correct answer - 1 point.

Emcee: Before you there are six portraits of prominent people of Russia, have done a lot for the salvation of our country. You need to call their names. Additional points team will receive for the listing their achievements to the Fatherland.

Famous peopleFamous people

Task 2.
The emcee is reading out the phrase, uttered one of these people, and which later became a catchphrase. It is necessary to determine to whom it belongs.

  1. "The win not number, but ability." (A.V. Suvorov)
  2. "Procrastination is like death" (Peter I)
  3. "Who comes to us with a sword, will die out by this sword" (Alexander Nevski)
  4. Who (before the very responsible job) said, "Let's go!" (Yuri Gagarin)

The Third Round "Military crossword"

Emcee: You should fill in the crossword.

Each correctly guess word - 1 point.


Horizontally: 1. Автомат 2. Армия 3. Альпинизм 4. Артиллерия
Vertically: 1. Основной закон страны 2. Ангар 3. Мифический герой с уязвимой пятой 5. Враг.

Key: 1/1. Tommy-gun. 2. Army. 3. Mountaineering. 4. Artillery.
2/1. Constitution. 2. Hangar. 3. Achilles. 4. Navy. 5. Enemy.

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