Конспект урока английского языка 5 класс "Welcome to London"

Good morning, everybody! As you know English people often talk about the weather. Do you like this weather?
Well. Let’s start our lesson. Turn to each other and say "I wish you good luck. I wish you good luck too!"
Look at the picture. What about are we going to speak today?

You’re right. About London.
What do you know about London?
First of all, London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Цель урока:

  1. Today we will learn a lot of interesting things about London.
  2. Master our English by reading the text and answering the questions.
  3. Do a test.
  4. Make up dialogues.

Let’s repeat after me some sounds and words.

  • Gallery, travel, capital, abbey, palace.
  • Say, way, place, famous, ancient.
  • Park, art, far, castle, parliament.
  • London, lovely, much, country.
  • Monument, coronation, popular.

Аудирование "London"

Do you understand the story? Let’s answer the questions.

1. Where is London situated on? (It is situated on the river Thames)

2. What attracts tourists from all over the world? (A great number of places of interest)

3. What sights of London do know? I’ll give you some short descriptions of famous places. Your task will be to match photos.

  • It’s a clock in the tower and it is a big bell. You can hear it every hour. (Big Ben)
  • It is the center square of London and it is famous all over the world. (Trafalgar square)
  • It is a place where the Queen lives when she is in London. (Buckingham palace)
  • It is the national museum of Britain. It has one of the world’s best collections of art. (British museum)

4. Look at the map. Which places can you see in the picture? Let’s listen to the story then read it.

5. Look at the list of places and under the line which of them are in London?

6. Read the beginning of the sentences in section A and find its end in section B.

7. And now it’s time to have a rest.

Will you stand up.
Up and down, up and down
Which is way
To London town?

Where? Where?
Up in the air
Close your eyes

And we are there.
And now let’ s read the answers.

8. Make up your own dialogue about London.


Did you like our lesson?
How did you work?

So, children, you have worked well at the lesson today. You were active, polite, and friendly.
Your marks are only excellent. The lesson is over.
Hope you enjoyed the lesson too. It’s time to say good-bye, my children.

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