Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему: "Reading skills. Hopes and dreams", 11 класс

Модуль 7 In days to come "Мое будущее". Lesson 1

Тема: Введение нового лексического материала по теме "У меня есть мечта".

- осваивать во всех видах речевой деятельности новые лексические единицы по теме "Мечта";
- развивать навыки детального понимания текста, обобщение и систематизация умений и навыков на основе монологических и диалогических высказываний по тексту в форме ролевой игры.

Активная лексика: achieve, fault, long, overcome, reject, come up against, a dream come true, dash one’s hopes, get one’s hopes up, give up hope, have high hopes of, pin one’s hopes on.

Оборудование: УМК "Spotlight"- 11, под редакцией Ю.Е. Ваулиной, Дж. Дули, аудиодополнение, доска, презентация, HO.

Ход урока

Greeting 1. Беседа

T: Good morning, boys and girls.
P-s: Good morning, teacher.
T: I’m glad to see you.
P-s: We are glad to see you too.
T: Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson. Answer my questions, please. What date is it today?
P1: Today is ….

Aim 2. Сообщение темы и цели урока

T: Look at the screen! Can you guess the topic of the lesson? We are going to speak about dream and its achievement. Tell me, please, what comes to your head when you hear the word dream? Come up to the board and write down your ideas!
Warming-up 3. Введение в иноязычную атмосферу

T: Ok, all these words you’ll need at our lesson. And now I’ll give you cards and the task for you is to write about your dreams and wishes. Look at the board! (HO)

Основная часть

Reading 1. Развитие умений ознакомительного и изучающего чтения

а) Pre-reading. Этап подготовки к чтению. Ex1, p120.
T: Read through the phrases and explain any unknown vocabulary.


[ əˈtʃiːv ]



[ fɔːlt ]

Недостаток, вина, ошибка


[ˌəʊvəˈkʌm ]



[ rɪˈdʒekt ]

Не принимать, отвергать

come up against

Сталкиваться с

a dream come true

Осуществление мечты

dash one’s hopes

Разбить чьи-либо надежды

get one’s hopes up

Успокаивать, подбадривать

give up hope

Потерять надежду

have high hopes of

Возлагать большие надежды на

pin one’s hopes on

Возлагать надежды на кого-либо


[ self daʊt ]

Неуверенность в себе


[ˌpɜːspərˈeɪʃən ]

Потение, выделение пота


[ pruːv ]


T: Look at the pictures and read the title of the article. What do you think the people in the pictures have in common?
P: I think they are all people who achieved their dreams.
T: What do you expect to read about?
P1: Believe in yourself ― I expect to read about how we can believe in ourselves more.

P2: Take steps to achieve your dreams ― I expect to read advice about how to achieve my dreams.
P3: Don’t give up ― I expect to read about why it is important not to give up on dreams.
b) Reading. Этап чтения. Учащиеся читают и переводят текст.
T: Let’s read and translate the text.

с) Post-reading. Этап проверки понимания прочитанного. Ex2, p120.
T: Read agajn and choose the best word (A-D) for each gap (1-7) .
P: 1C 2A 3D 4C 5B 6B 7D
T: What is the author's purpose?


Practicing vocabulary 2. Активизация нового лексического материала.

а) Matching words with their meanings. Ex3, p120.
T: Match the underlined words with their meanings below. Use several of them in sentences of your own.

  1. ran (баллотироваться)
  2. perseverance (настойчивость)
  3. come up against (пойти против)
  4. initially (первоначально)
  5. banish (изгнать)
  6. insurmountable (непреодолимый)
  7. inspiration (вдохновение)
  8. failings (неудачи)
  9. defeated (потерпеть поражение)
  10. rejected (отклонить)

b) Practising vocabulary related to hopes and dreams. Ex4, p120.
T: Fill in: achieve, come up against, overcome, come, long to, make, take, move, face, reach, reject.

  1. overcome (преодолеть)
  2. achieve (достигать)
  3. come up against (натолкнуться)
  4. reach (достигнуть)
  5. face (столкнуться)
  6. come (осуществляться)
  7. reject (отвергать)
  8. make (иметь)
  9. long to (стараться)
  10. takes (брать)
  11. move (идти)

c) Completing sentences using the correct phrases. Ex5, p120.
T: Complete the sentences with the phrases: dash one's hopes, in the hope that, hope for the best, get one's hopes up, give up hope, have high hopes of, pin one's hopes on in the correct form. Use each phrase in another example of your own.


  1. get your hopes up (надейся)
  2. in the hope that (в надежде, что)
  3. hope for the best (надеяться на лучшее)
  4. dashed, hopes (возможности)
  5. is pinning his hopes on (возлагает надежды на)
  6. gave up hope (оставлял надежду)
  7. has high hopes of (возлагает высокие надежды)

Speaking 3. Развитие умений монологической и диалогической речи. Discussing quotations. Ex7, p121.

а) Discussing ethical questions raised in the text (expressing personal opinions).
T: Read the quotations in the text again e.g. Henry Ford, line 36. What do they mean? Do you agree? Discuss.
P: Thomas Edison said that 'Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration'. I think he means that to become a genius you have to work hard and do all your best to achieve success and realize your dreams.

Even if you are incredibly talented and enthusiastic, you will never reach your goal without taking action. I completely agree with this statement because I know many people with good imagination who couldn't realize their potential because of their laziness.

Заключительная часть

Homework 1. Домашнее задание
T: Open your diaries, please, and write down your home task: Написать сочинение упр. 6 на стр. 121. (20 предложений). Прочитать и устно перевести упр.5 на стр.123. Выучить новые слова.

Summarizing 2. Подведение итогов урока

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