Конспект урока английского языка 10 класс "Вашингтон" (Washington, D.C.)

Цель урока: развитие познавательной активности учащихся на уроках английского языка.


  • познакомить учащихся со столицей страны изучаемого языка (Вашингтон, США) и его достопримечательностями;
  • развивать способности учащихся распознавать и применять в речи формы Passive Voice;
  • развивать чувства уважения учащихся к истории и культуре народов других стран;
  • практиковать чтение с пониманием основного смысла.

Оснащение урока: карта США, проектор, презентация "Washington", тесты "Washington", карточки с заданиями.

Ход урока

Вводная беседа

Good morning, boys and girls. Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. We have many guests and we’ll have one of the most important lessons of the study year.
We have been studying about America for two years already.

Do you know what its capital is? Right, it’s Washington, D.C. Let’s see where it is located on the map. (It is located in the north-eastern part of the country)

Презентация "Welcome to Washington, D.C."

Заочная экскурсия по Вашингтону

In the last lesson Sasha and Joey decided to meet in Washington, D.C. and see it.
I invite you to this excursion. Look at the screen but be attentive, because after watching the presentation you’ll have to do a test.
Try to remember as much information as you can. Now meet Sasha and Joey.

Диалог Саши и Джой

Joey: Hello, Sasha. You are here at last. How was your trip?
Sasha: Hi, Joey. I’m very glad to see you. The trip was great. The train was very comfortable and quick.
Joey: Are you tired?

Sasha: No, I’m not. I’m eager to see Washington, you know.
Joey: Great. Let’s go then. I’ll show you the most famous places of our capital. (презентация)

Sasha: Yeah… Washington is a really great city. I’m so excited now! Thank you very much for the excursion, Joey.
Joey: I’m glad you liked it.

Просмотр презентации "Welcome to Washington"

Excursion around Washington, D.C.

Slide 1
Welcome to Washington, D.C.

Slide 2
Washington is situated in the District of Columbia. It was named after the first president of the United States of America George Washington.

Slide 3
This great city is located on the left bank of the Potomac River.

Slide 4
George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was born in Virginia. He liked studying Mathematics, History and Geography most of all.

Slide 5
The White House is the Residence of the presidents where they live and work.. It has the most famous address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and consists of 132 rooms.

Slide 6
The Capitol is the tallest and the most famous building in Washington, D.C. Laws are made there.

Slide 7
The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world. It has 340 miles of bookshelves containing 13 million books.

Slide 8
Washington Monument is one of the most impressive sights of Washington, D.C. It is situated in Potonic park. It is called "The Pencil" because of its height which is 555 feet.

Slide 9
Jefferson Memorial is a 19-foot statue of the third president of the United States Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Slide 10
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the USA. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the blacks. Here you can see his memorial.

Slide 11
Supreme Court. The majestic building. The laws are interpreted here by the highest judges.

Slide 12
Smithsonian Information Center. Information about special activities at Washington museums are provided here. Nine of Smithsonian museums are located here.

Slide 13
National Air and Space Museum. Here you can see the history of flight from the first plane to the Apollo space ship.

Slide 14
Thank you for your attention!

Работа с новой лексикой

Практика произношения названий достопримечательностей Вашингтона.

The White House The Supreme Court
The Capital Abraham Lincoln
Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial
The Library of Congress
The National Mall

The Smithsonian Museum
The Pentagon
George Washington

Тест по презентации "Washington"

1. Washington, D.C. is …
а) a city
b) a district
c) a capital
d) a country

2. George Washington was … president of the USA
а) the first
b) the second
c) the third
d) the fourth

3. G. Washington liked …
а) Biology
b) Mathematics
c) Geography
d) History

4. The Wight House has got … rooms.
а) 130
b) 131
c) 132
d) 133

5. The capitol is the … building in Washington.
а) most beautiful
b) Smallest
c) most famous
d) tallest

6. … are made in the Capitol.
а) laws
b) Constitution
c) exhibition
d) films

7. Thomas Jefferson was the … president of the USA
а) the first
b) the second
c) the third
d) the fourth

8. Abraham Lincoln wrote …
а) the Emancipation Proclamation
b) the Declaration of Independence
c) the US Constitution

9. The National Mall contains … museums.
а) seven
b) nine
c) ten
d) eleven

Работа с текстом: чтение и перевод письма

Cтр. 210-212 учебника "Счастливый английский 2", Т. Клементьева, Д. Шеннон.

Dear children, you’ve got a letter from an American girl Michelle in your study book where she tells about her hometown Washington. I’m sure you’ll learn much interesting from it. Let’s read and translate it.

Чтение текста с пониманием основного содержания

Учащиеся снова просматривают текст "Washington, D.C." и отвечают на вопросы по тексту. (стр. 210-212)


I think you are tired now. Let’s have a rest. Stand up.

Hands up.
Hands aside.
Hands down.
Rub your ears.

Rub your cheeks.
Rub your hands.
Rub your knees.

Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Sit down.

Повторение и закрепление грамматической темы Passive Voice

During the last lessons we studied Passive Voice.
I hope you remember that it is made with the auxiliary verb to be and the third form of the action verb.

To be + V 3
Now you must find verbs in Passive form in the text and determine their tense forms.

а) Учащиеся находят в тексте глаголы в Passive Voice и определяют их временные формы.

б) Двое учащихся работают с карточками по теме урока: один – у доски, второй – на месте.

At the same time two of you will do another task on this grammar theme.
Who wants to do that?


Работа на доске проверяется всем классом.


Dear boys and girls, now you will listen to some people speaking about the sights and facts of Washington, D.C. Please, listen to them very attentively and find the right statements for them. There will be five of them and one is extra.

Утверждения и таблицу заранее написать на доске или раздать детям в печатном варианте.

a) The Library of Congress
b) The Wight House
c) George Washington
d) The Capitol
e) The Pentagon













Speaker 1
It is an important part of Washington, D.C. It is where the presidents live and work. George Washington is the only president who didn’t live there. John Adams was the first president to live in it.

It has got 132 rooms. It has many specials rooms. It even has a private bowling alleys and a movie theater.

Speaker 2
It is the largest and tallest one among the buildings in Washington, D.C. It has got the great House of Representatives and the Senate Chamber. There are no skyscrapers in Washington, D.C. because no other building must be taller than it.

Speaker 3
It is the largest in the States. It contains more than 13 million books, more than 19 million manuscripts, including the personal papers of the US presidents.

Speaker 4
There is one more well-known building in Washington, D.C. It is the residence of the United States Military department. It is situated in the suburbs to the south of the Potomac river.

Speaker 5
He was elected a commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and proved himself a capable commander of the War of Independence. In 1787 He was chosen president of the Continental Convention and later elected first president of the Republic. The nation’s capital and an American state were named after him.

Домашнее задание

Написать ответное письмо или открытку американской девочке. Задания даются индивидуально в зависимости от уровня знаний учащихся. Сильные ученики пишут письмо, слабее – открытку.

Dear children, Michelle was very kind to write us about Washington, D.C. It will be polite to thank her for that.
So at home you will have to write a letter or a card to Michelle. You’ll get your home task on the cards. Please follow the directions.

If there are some questions, ask me.

Письмо и открыткаПисьмо и открытка


Did you like the lesson?
Was it interesting or boring?
What did you like best?

Завершение урока. Выставление оценок

Thank you for coming. Good bye.

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