Конспект урока по английскому языку для 10 класса "Британские стереотипы"

Цель урока: спроецировать методику работы с текстом по 3 уровням: before reading, while-reading, post-reading.


  • выполнить задания перед чтением текста;
  • проработать вопросы и задания на верно-неверно;
  • составить краткий перессказ и план текста;
  • выразить свою точку зрения.

Before reading

  1. Read the title of the text. What is the text about?
  2. Look at the picture. What British stereotypes are there?
  3. What do you think these stereotypes are a real image of the British? (making suppositions)
  4. What do you think might happen to have such stereotypes? (anticipating)
  5. Look at the text. What do you think about the genre of the text?
  6. Write down five questions by the title of the text.


Answer the questions

  1. What is the European image of the Brit?
  2. What does a word "a cliché" mean?
  3. What do the Brits know about every good Frenchman?
  4. What do the Brits know about ruddy-faced Germans?
  5. Are the words "British" and "English" synonyms for Europeans?
  6. What do you think about the reasons about such national image?
  7. What are the statistics of the worlds’ drinkers?
  8. What class do the Brits belong to?
  9. Is it true that the Britons still view Europe through a wartime lens? Prove that from the text.
  10. Do you agree that the Britain is more tolerant than other European countries?

True or False

  1. The European image of the Brit – either pukingly drunk football fan or snooty City gent.
  2. Every good Frenchman subsists on a diet of beer and sausage.
  3. Germans wears a striped shirt and beret.
  4. Europeans tend to use "British" as a synonym for "English", rather forgetting the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.
  5. Cliches only become cliches if they are not built on a foundation of truth.
  6. But while the French, German, Spanish and Italians are drinking much less than they did in 1980, Britons are drinking 9% less.
  7. One study found that 45% of British 15- and 16-year-olds admit to binge drinking, compared to a European average of 63% the image.
  8. Most Britons now belong in the vast, sprawling middle class.
  9. Compared with other European countries, it's probably true that Britain is, generally, more tolerant.


1. What’s new for you from the text?

2. What is your opinion about:

a) British stereotypes;

b) class conscious;

c) Second World War obsession;

d) the British tolerance?

3) What is the main idea of the text? Prove your answer.

a) The stereotype is itself a stereotype.

b) Cliches only become cliches if they are built on a foundation of truth.

c) For the stereotype captures much of what we were and still are – but misses out who we have become.

4) Make a plan of the text, including the main ideas of the text.

5) Make a summary.

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