Задания проблемного характера по английскому языку предтекстового и послетекстового этапа для 10 класса

Задания проблемного характера по английскому языку предтекстового и послетекстового этапа для учащихся 10 класса

Восприятие и понимание речи на слух:

I. Pre-listening activity:

Listen to the student`s essay “About School”.

Pay attention to the words: 

Literacy [ˈlɪtərəsɪ] грамотность


Ethics [ˈeθɪks] этика

Aesthetics [i:sˈθetɪks] эстетика

Physical Training физическаяподготовка

Career Guidance профориентация 

Be ready to answer the questions: 

  1. What is school?
  2. What are the goals of education?

II. Listening 

School …Lessons, clubs, homework, games…A bell rings - you have lunch. A bell rings - you go home. But one day you go to school for the last time…

What is school for you? It's at this time that we make friends and learn to understand life. We are little children when we begin to attend school. We leave it grown-ups.

School is the place where almost everything happens for the first time: we make our first friends, meet our first love and confront the first betrayal. We read the first book and experience the first victories and defeats. It is the time of great expectations and emotions and not all emotions are pleasant. We learn to understand the difference between «Good» and « Evil». 

School should prepare students for life. It`s the time to set goals. 

The main aspects of education are:

  • Literacy;
  • Ethics;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Physical Training;
  • Career Guidance.

School helps to understand our strengths and weaknesses and find our place in the world. Knowledge, acquired at school, enables students either to continue their education or start working.

School teaches students to develop critical and creative thinking, to form their views and outlook, their attitude to life and people. It plays a very important social role. School offers opportunities to develop self-education skills, mental and physical abilities and provides good conditions for that.

We are taught to love our Motherland, to treat Nature carefully, to be honest, hardworking and useful to the community.

III. Post-listening activity

Answer the questions:

1. Why do you go to school?

2. What is school for you?

3. What are the goals of education?

Problem Solving: The Project “Modern School”.

What is modern school?

It means competent teachers and good pupils. 

1. This is the portrait of an ideal teacher, enclosed in one of the pupils` letters.

What does the author think of an ideal teacher?

portrait of an ideal teacher

2. What is an ideal teacher for you? Make your own project “An Ideal Teacher”.

What is an ideal teacher for you?

3. Tell your classmates what an ideal teacher means for you…

4. Group Work. What is an ideal pupil?

Make up the portrait of an ideal pupil…

5. Speak about an ideal pupil…


Problem Solving:

Pre-reading activity: Read the text about Education in Belarus.

Be ready to answer the questions:

  • Does Belarusian secondary school provide a person with good knowledge?
  • Is having a good education very important?

3. Reading activity:

Each citizen of the Republic of Belarus is guaranteed the right to get education. The multilevel system established in the country allows exercising the right to the full extent.The Republic of Belarus has an advanced system of education. The standard of literacy among adult population is 99.8%. The general basic, general secondary and professional education coverage of the working population is 98%.

The Importance of good knowledge is great. Knowledge is power. It`s the power of changing and developing. Knowledge develops people`s horizons, makes them think and analyze the world around them.

Good education is very important nowadays. It`s life necessity. School prepares people for life. The main aspect of education is literacy and knowledge.

What are the main modern school peculiarities in Belarus?

  • education  is state, compulsory, comprehensive, nonselective, mixed, free of charge;
  • modern secondary education helps young people develop their personalities and make their way in society;
  • talented pupils have privileges;
  • final Exams, Centralized Testing test competence deeply;
  • school leads into a job;
  • self-education skills are sufficiently formed;
  • the personality of a pupil is taken into account;
  • teachers are able to sort out problems of contemporary education.;
  • the 10-grade assessment system of knowledge substituted the 5-grade scale in order to enhance individual approach to pupils and students.
  • Good education is very important because it shapes young people`s future life.

Our main priority is a good career. A good education means a University degree, a good job, a good salary, respect, competence, self-confidence, promotion and rich world outlook. It means physical and mental development.

Post-reading activity:

1. Problem Solving:

Do you agree that Belarusian secondary school provides a person with good knowledge? Why (not)?

Today some young people think that having a good education is not very important. Do you agree with them?

2. Education is one of the main priorities of the national policy of the Republic of Belarus.

Study the table of the main aspects of Secondary Education in Belarus:

3. Problem Solving:

What ideas from Belarusian school can you advise a teacher from Great Britain to use in British school?

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