Конспект урока английского языка 6 класс "Native Americans (Indians)"

Цель урока: расширение лингвострановедческих знаний учащихся по теме "Native Americans".


  • развитие лексико-грамматических навыков речи;
  • развитие монологической и диалогической речи умение подготовить связанное высказывание по теме, выразить свое отношение к прочитанному;
  • развитие умения слушать и понимать иноязычную речь на слух.
  • расширение общего кругозора учащихся расширение словарного запаса.

Средства обучения: ПК, проектор, презентация, учебник (УМК: "Rainbow English" 6 класс. Дрофа. О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева и др.)

Lesson Procedure (Ход урока)

Introduction (Начало урока: приветствие, сообщение, цели урока)

Teacher: Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. Sit down please.
- What’s the date today? (The 3rd of February)
- What’s the day of week today? (Thursday)

- Who is absent today?
- Let’s start our lesson! We continue to study the USA and today we are going to have a wonderful trip to America. You know much about the country and the language of the country.

Warm–Up Activities (Речевая зарядка)

Teacher: We have studied some texts about the USA.
Now, please, answer some my questions.

  • What is the official name of the country? (The United States of America)
  • What is the capital of the USA? (Washington)
  • How many states are there in the USA? (50)
  • What is the American flag called? (Stars and Stripes)
  • When did Christopher Columbus discover America? (In 1492)
  • What is the official language of the USA? (English)

Checking-Up of Homework (Контроль домашней работы)

Проверяется уровень знания лексики, связанной с темой урока.
Teacher: Let’s follow to the first link.

You need to write down this Pin and create your Nickname.
Please, now get your feedback to this task. And do it after all tasks that we will do today, please.

Group Work (Работа в группах)

Teacher: You know about city of the USA. And now I want you to know about Native Americans. First of all let’s learn new vocabulary. You need to guess meanings of these words:

  • Indians - Индейцы.
  • Native Americans - коренные жители Америки.
  • Tribe - племя.
  • Spirit - дух.
  • Peaceful - мирный.
  • Perform - выступать, исполнять.
  • Decide - решать.
  • Reservations - резервация.
  • Way of life - образ жизни.

Teacher: And now, divide into groups of two listen and read the texts and translate 4 sentences. (p. 22-23, Ex. 5)
I think you are a little bit tired, so let’s relax. You have papers on your desk, you need to read it and find pair on the classroom’s walls. Ready, steady, go!
You are amazing! You could get it very fast!

Written Work (Контроль усвоенного материала)

Teacher: Now students, get exercise 6 and write down the correct answers to complete each statement.

Conclusions (Relaxing)

Teacher: Now our trip is over.
What have you learned at the lesson?
What impressed you most?

Follow the last link.
I’m glad to hear that you've enjoyed our trip. Thank you for your active work and your marks are …
И если вам захочется узнать больше о жизни, традициях и культуре различных североамериканских племен вы можете прочитать книги Ф. Купера "Последний из могикан", Лонгфелло "Песнь о Гайавате".

Homework (Домашнее задание)

Teacher: Your homework is to draw facts about native Americans and make short speech about it.

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