Конспект урока английского языка в 6 классе на тему "Past Simple Tense regular verbs"

Grade: 6

Theme: Past Simple Tense.

Aim: Educational: Improve learners’ grammar skills – Past Simple (regular verbs, affirmative and negative sentences)

Improve learners’ pronunciation [d], [t], [id]

Developing: Develop learners’ reading skills through reading the text.

Develop learners’ memory through the actualization of the background knowledge

Teaching methods and techniques: conversation, working with the tasks, writing, reading

Teaching aids and materials: course-book, interactive board, hand-out and a ball.

Course of a lesson

I.  Organizational moment

1. Checking presence

2. Checking home task

3. Warm-up. Teacher throws the ball and asks learners questions like:

- How are you?

- What’s the weather like today?

- What was the weather like yesterday?

II. Thecentralpart

1. Vocabulary work. Teacher gives a card of regular verbs.

Learners read them and try to guess their meaning according to the pictures.

2. PastSimpleTense. TeacherexplainsthePST – прошедшее простое время, выражает действие, которое произошло в прошлом. Есть два вида глаголов в анг.яз. 1 – правильный, 2 – неправильный. Правильные глаголы образуются при помощи окончаний ed/d.

Окончания ed-d произносятся:

1. после звонких согласных (кроме d) и гласных = [d]: lived, answered

2. после глухих согласных (кроме t) = [t] helped, asked

3. после dи t = [id] waited, wanted, demanded

3. Grammar practice. Learners make past form of the verbs above.

Example: jump – jumped, listen – listened.

4. Read the following verbs acoording to the rules above [d], [t] or [id]

Cooked, called, stopped, loved, worked, started, wanted, liked, planned, hated, played, invented.

Learners work in pairs. Read and check each other.

5.  Read the text, find regular verbs in Past Simple and underline them.

One rich man lived in a big white house. He saved his money in the safe.

Once he decided to paint walls in his house. He hired a worker.

The worker painted walls. He looked at the safe, opened it and took money.

The rich man remembered about money and returned home.

Suddenly he woke up and understood it was just a dream.

6. Explanation of negative sentences.

Grammar practice. Learners work in pairs. Make the sentences below from affirmative to negative form.

- Girls jumped too high.

- We listened to the music.

- My sister saved money.

- She planted flowers.

- He learned Japanese.

- I remembered the joke.

III Summary

  1. To make a conclusion.
  2. To put marks.
  3. To give home task: to learn new verbs, rules, work with copy ex a,b.        

Game "Speak or show". The teacher is holding a die; a learner chooses a right or left hand. If he/she chooses a hand where is the die, he/she is allowed to speak (explain the word by giving definition, synonym or antonym); if there is no die he/she has to show the meaning of the verb.

Verbs are taken from the card of regular verbs.

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