Урок-конкурс по английскому языку 7 класс "Знатоки спорта"


  • развивать навыки неподготовленной речи, аудирования, чтения и письма;
  • повысить интерес к изучению английского языка;
  • осуществлять межпредметные связи с историей Древнего мира и физической культурой.

Ход урока

Вступительная речь учителя


I’d like to welcome everybody who has come here to watch the contest for the best sports experts. They are our dear guests, the respected judges and the competitors-the 7th form students who will compete in the knowledge of sports. They are divided into two teams: “Spartak” and ”Mayak”.

The children will have to do some tasks at four stations. The first one is “History of the Olympic Games”. At this station they will listen to a story twice and reproduce it with the help of the pictures, questions, words and expressions written on the board.

Aудирование текста

The first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece. The Games were held every four years in honour of the king of gods, Zeus. There was only one event in the Olympiad: the 200-yard sprint. Soon other events were added: boxing, wrestling, the discus throw, and the long jump.

All athletes took an oath to compete honestly and keep the rules of the Olympics. Winners were called “Olympionics” and were awarded olive wreaths and cups of olive oil.  Only men could take part in the Olympic Games. Women were not allowed even to watch them.

Говорение. Репродукция текста

I think that the captains of the teams саn begin reproducing the text. First starts the team "Spartak".

Чтение микротекстов

Now we are going to work at the second station “Englishmen and Sport”.

The English are great lovers of sport. They go in for many kinds of sport. But those who don’t, like to watch them and talk about them. Both teams will read two short texts about popular sports in Britain to the opposite team, which must guess the name of sport. Begin your answer with: I believe, it is… It’s volley-ball, isn’t it?.. To my mind it is…

Text 1. This game was popular not only in Great Britain but all over the world. It is usually played by boys and men. Each team has 11 players: backs, halfbacks, outside, inside, centre forwards and one goalkeeper. In Great Britain every town has a professional team. (Football)

Text 2. It is one of the most popular games in the world. It was first played in Canada. It is a team game. It is a winter game. Many people like to watch the game on TV. The players don’t run on the field. They skate. They have sticks (clubs) in their hands. (Ice hockey) 

Text 3. This is a ball game. It is played outdoors by teams of fifteen players. They use an oval ball which is carried by a player. The players from the other team try to stop the man and take the ball from him. This game is usually played only by men. (Rugby football)

Text 4. This ball game is very popular both in Great Britain and Russia. It is usually played by two players, sometimes four at a table.  They hit a small ball with a racket over a net. The game can be played outdoors and indoors. (Table-tennis)


Now let’s work at station 3 - “Inventors and inventions of sports”.

The English are very proud of the fact that they have invented many sports games.

Now each team will be given a card on which you must put the letters in the right order to

read the name of sport born in English speaking countries.

Card 1. Mascgintys - ... (gymnastics)

Card 2. Xoibgn - ... (boxing)

Card 3. Lbakblaset  – ...(basketball)

Неподготовленная диалогическая речь

Дискуссия о занятиях спортом в английских и российских школах.

Imagine that you are two groups of schoolchildren. This one is a Russian group, another is a group from England. You are interested to know about sports in your countries, schools and in your life.

Children, you are right. It’s very important for us to go in for sports because sport helps to keep in good health, to develop character and quick thinking. No wonder, there are many proverbs and sayings about sport and health. Give examples of them, please.

Учащиеся сообщают поговорки о спорте и здоровье.

  • Good health is above wealth.
  • A sound mind in a sound body.
  • Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Health is not valued till sickness comes.
  • Wealth is nothing without health.

Excellent work! Now each team will get a card. Look at the pictures and say which proverb is suitable. 

Лексическая игра

Are you tired? Let’s play a bit at the fourth station. I’d like both teams to stand in a circle and face each other. Throw a ball to the opposite team and name a sport or a sports game. If a student fails to name it quickly or says it for the second time, he will leave the game.  Let’s start. Good luck! 

The game is over. Our lesson is also coming to an end. You may take your places and relax a bit while listening to the song “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”.

Подведение итогов конкурса

In a few minutes our respected judges will tell us the results of the contest. I thank all of you for good work!  

Учащиеся награждаются шоколадными «золотыми» и «серебряными» медалями. Объявляются отметки за урок.                     

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