Конспект урока английского языка для 11 класса "Medicine as a New Technology"

Aims: to revise vocabulary on topic "Old or modern. Medicine as a new technology", practice speaking skill in asking for and giving advice, develop writing skills, develop listening skills, develop the skills of material systematization.

Sub-Aims: to provide further practice and consolidation of the TL; to revise and practice vocabulary, speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Personal aims: to reduce TTT.

Materials: whiteboard, marker, Enjoy English’ book, cards with words

Assumptions: Students know most of the vocabulary and grammar

Anticipated problems and solutions:

  • The learners may forget about the learning strategies of listening for detail: focus the Ss’ attention on these strategies at the end of the textbook.
  • The learners may forget how to express their opinion: remind the Ss about the necessity of giving arguments and counter arguments, make sure Ss understand it.

1. Skills Lessons


2. Language-based lessons (form, concept, phonology, appropriacy)

What is the language form?

Patient, a pharmacist, medicine, illness, ache, sore throat, bad cough, chest, joints, drugs, blood, healthcare, ribosome, nanoscale, body tissue, flagella, zinc oxide, nanoparticles, nanotechnology.

What seems to be wrong? What do you think I should do…? Why don’t you…? I’d recommend…Have you tried…? If I were you, I…

See a doctor, stay in bad, take some medicine, do exercise, go out a lot, eat healthier food, use some anesthetic, take your temperature, use a bandage, take injections. 


The use of phrases of asking for and giving advice, phrases of giving and supporting arguments; topic vocabulary 

Any important phonological features to point out to students?

Special attention to the pronunciation of the letter combination "ss", "ch", "ou" in word exeptions.

What problems will learners have form, meaning / concept and phonology? Mention your solutions.

The learners may mix learning strategies of listening for detail and listening for main gist - focus the Ss’ attention on it.

The learners may forget to give arguments, giving personal opinion on the topic – remind the Ss about it.


Is the issue of appropriacy relevant? Why / why not?

The issue of appropriacy is relevant because the vocabulary learnt at the previous lessons is being practised together with grammatical structures in controlled practice.







To plunge Ss into the atmosphere of the lesson.

I ask  Ss to look at the board, read a medical joke to each other and say what makes it funny.






To recycle the TL,

Practice listening.

"Listen to the conversation at p.107 ex.94 and decide whether these statements are true, false or not stated".




To use the TL in the speech.

"Now let’s role play the situations from ex. 95. Work in pairs. Some of you is a patient, another partner is a pharmacist. You may use the expressions from ex. 96".






To check Ss’ knowledge on the topic.

I ask Ss to look at the board and try to unscramble the definition of the word "Nanotechnology".




To read for main gist.

I ask Ss to read the text “What will the future of Healthcare look like?” and match the titles to the paragraphs. I ask Ss the right answers.




To develop communication and writing skills and practice TL.

I ask Ss to answer the questions:

"How can be nanotechnologies be helpful in the future? What are some of the dangers of this scientific invention?"

"Work in pairs. Find some sentences and phrases in the text that prove your opinion. Make a list of ideas".




the H/W,

pre-speaking and writing

To develop communication and writing skills.

"Choose one of the three approaches: home remedies, conventional medicine and modern technologies. In pairs you are to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of one of the approach. In your student’s book at p.109 ex. 100 you’ll find the response plan and needed vocabulary. Be ready with your arguments for the next lesson".



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