Проверочная работа по английскому языку для 7 класса по теме "The Present Perfect Tense"

Грамматические упражнения, представленные в проверочной работе, помогут увидеть уровень сформированности грамматических навыков учащихся по теме "The Present Perfect Tense".

Variant I

Task 1. Open the brackets in the Present Perfect.

1. Polly (read) a very interesting book.
2. The boy just (fall) off his bike.
3. We never (be) to America.

4. My aunt (visit) a lot of countries.
5. The meeting already (begin).
6. The pupil (speak) to the teacher.

7. Jane (eat) a very tasty cake.
8. The students (ask) many questions.

9. I never (see) the White House.
10. Sam and Tom (borrow) the books from the library.

Task 2. Make up sentences.

1. the girl/ carried/ the boxes/has/upstairs.
2. never/ been/ the children/ to the museum/ have.
3. they/ car/ washed/ already/ have/their.

4. has/ just/ her/ she/ begun/ homework/ doing.
5. never/ i/ have/ swum/ the atlantic ocean/ in.

Task 3. Write short answers to these questions.

1. Have your parents ever spoken Chinese?
2. Have you ever seen any old Russian cities?
3. Has your granny ever used the mobile?

4. Have you read any books by Kipling?
5. Have you ever listened to classical music?
6. Has your friend played ping-pong?

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