Входные тесты по английскому языку для 6-9 класс к учебникам "Rainbow English" с ответами

Задания составлены по материалам учебников "Rainbow English" для 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 классов, авторов О. В. Афанасьевой, И. В. Михеевой.

В начале учебного года я провожу мини-тесты на знание учебного материала предыдущего года. Входные тесты по английскому языку можно использовать и в конце учебного года для контроля знаний учащихся.

Время, затраченное на тесты, составляет 10-15 минут.

Тест по английскому языку 6 класс

(по учебному материалу 5 класса)

1. Translate into Russian "to live abroad".
a) уехать за границу
b) жить за границей

2. Yesterday after lunch we … to the park.
a) go
b) went
c) will go

3. My dad is … driver in the world.
a) good
b) better
c) the best

4. From Scotland they … to England.
a) flew
b) flyed

5. James lives … 12, High Street.
a) in
b) at
c) on

6. My mother … in April.
a) was born
b) were born

7. Translate into English "раз в году".
a) once a week
b) once a year
c) once a month

8. Most of all I like … swimming.
a) to do
b) to play
c) to go

9. My friend Denis … a very interesting hobby.
a) have got
b) has got
c) is having

10. There … a lot of universities in our capital.
a) am
b) is
c) are

11. We often travel … car.
a) by
b) on
c) in

12. … Volga
a) the
b) -

13. … France
a) the
b) -

14. … St Petersburg
a) the
b) -

Keys: 1b, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6a, 7b, 8c, 9b, 10c, 11a, 12a, 13b, 14b.

Тест по английскому языку 7 класс

(по учебному материалу 6 класса)

1. Translate into English the word "основать".
a) to found
b) to find
c) to move

2. St Petersburg is situated … the banks of the Neva River.
a) in
b) at
c) on

3. Listen! Somebody … in the kitchen.
a) moves
b) is moving

4. Last summer they … their holidays in St Petersburg.
a) spent
b) were spending

5. The monument to Admiral Nelson is situated in the middle of … .
a) Hyde Park
b) Buckingham Palace
c) Trafalgar Square

6. The United Kingdom of … Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles.
a) the
b) –

7. I don’t know … he will come.
a) when
b) what
c) which

8. My money … in my bag.
a) is
b) are

9. … is the capital of the USA.
a) New York
b) Chicago
c) Washington, D.C.

10. If Marry …, I will talk to her.
a) phones
b) will phone
c) phone

Keys: 1a, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5c, 6b, 7a, 8a, 9c, 10a.

Тест по английскому языку 8 класс

(по учебному материалу 7 класса)

1. There are pens and pencils of different colours in my … .
a) pencil sharpener
b) paper
c) pencil box

2. … is the science that deals with energy, studies light, sound, electricity.
a) Computer studies
b) Physics
c) Physical Education

3. There … a pair of shoes in the hall.
a) was
b) were

4. Gwen doesn’t … German very well.
a) talk
b) speak

5. When I asked my question, he looked … me.
a) at
b) on
c) with

6. Enemies … the castle many years ago.
a) destroyed
b) has destroyed
c) have destroyed

7. Translate into English the word "гусеница".
a) beetle
b) caterpillar
c) squirrel

8. I have always been curious … plants and animals that lives in the ocean.
a) for
b) from
c) about

9. This year they … two gold medals.
a) won
b) has won
c) have won

10. The Smith … the farm since the 1950s.
a) owned
b) have owned
c) have been owning

Keys: 1c, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5a, 6a, 7b, 8c, 9c, 10b.

Тест по английскому языку 9 класс

(по учебному материалу 8 класса)

1. Very often Russia is … with cold weather.
a) described
b) associated
c) thought

2. Alice is very … : she can play the piano and the guitar well.
a) music
b) musical
c) musician

3. You were born in England, … ?
a) were you
b) you were
c) weren’t you

4. You haven’t got any brothers or sisters, … ?
a) haven’t you
b) you have
c) have you

5. You … go swimming, because the sea is very cold today.
a) needn’t
b) shouldn’t

6. Ice-dancing … in the Olympic program since 1976.
a) has been included
b) was included

7. The "Spartak" Club … in 1922.
a) has been founded
b) was founded

8. Translate into English the word "чеснок".
a) garlic
b) onion
c) carrot

9. Which one of these do people NOT wear on their heads?
a) deerstalkers
b) Doc Martens
c) tam-o'shanter caps

10. … is a place in Hyde Park where any person can make a speech.
a) Gaelic
b) The Emerald Isle
c) Speaker's Corne

Keys: 1b, 2b, 3c, 4c, 5b, 6a, 7b, 8a, 9b, 10c.

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