Лексико–грамматические тесты по английскому языку для 5-6 классов

В работу включены 6 тестов по английскому языку для проверки знаний учащихся 5-6 классов.

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Тестовые задания по английскому языку

Тесты по английскому языкуТесты по английскому языку

5 класс

Test № 1

1. Вставь: a or an.
a. ... atlas b. ... pen c. ... timetable
d. ... apple e. ...school f. ...orange

2. Замени нужным местоимением.
a. classroom - ... b. guitars - ... c. Jane - ...
d. Emma and Clara - ... e. Ronaldo - ...

3. Вставь: am, is, are
a. We … eleven years old.
b. Tim … eighteen.
c. My friends … nice.
d. I … from Russia.
e. She … in class 5

4. Вставь: have or has
a. I … got a sister.
b. Ann … got a ruler.
c. He ... got a skateboard.
d. They ... got many friends.
e. Batman ... got a cloak.

5. Составь предложения:
a. this/ a/ is/ ruler.
b. lesson/ where/ the/ is/ Maths?
c. has/ a/ got/ camera/ he?
d. friend/ Ann/ is/my.
e. have/ a/ I/ got/ not/ ruler.

6. Выпиши лишнее слово:
a. Sunday Tuesday Monday October
b. maths pen science geography
c. I is he she
d. France Russian the UK the USA


Test № 2

Вариант № 1

Choose the correct item.
1. This is ... egg.
a. an b. a c. -

2. My sister and my brother ... 18 years old.
a. `m not b. isn`t c. aren`t

3. This is my schoolbag ... is red.
a. It b. She c. He

4. There ... a park near my house.
a. are b. aren`t c. is

5. Look at these ...
a. woman b. women c. womans

6. Lisa ... got a big house.
a. have b. has c. haves

7. My flat is on the ... floor.
a. three b. third c. thirteen

8. That’ s ... bike. It’s very nice!
a. Danny b. Danny’s c. Dannys

9. Bill ... TV every evening.
a. watchs b. is watching c. watches

10. They are ...
a. knives b. knifes c. knife

11. Where ... he from?
a. am b. are c. is

12. ... boys are from my class.
a. This b. These c. That

13. My parents .... work in a hospital.
a. don’t b. doesn’t c. aren’t

14. ... you like a glass of lemonade?
a. Do b. Would c. Can

15. Look at Sam! He ... computer games.
a. plays b. is playing c. play

16. There is a school ... of my house.
a. next b. in front c. behind

17. ... is your birthday?
a. What b. When c. Why

18. The sun ... now.
a. is shining b. shines c. shine

19. ... Nancy walk to school?
a. Do b. Is c. Does

20. How ... juice is there in the bottle?
a. many b. much c. any

Вариант № 2

Choose the correct item

1. It is ... orange.
a. an b. a c. -

2. The children ... at the conema
a. is b. have c. are

3. My mum is an actress ... films are great!
a. She b. Her c. Your

4. There ... a park near my house.
a. are b. is c. aren’t

5. These are ...
a. childs b. children c. child

6. Lisa and Betty ... got a big house.
a. have got b. has c. have

7. Danny lives on the .... floor.
a. one B first c.nine

8. Mr. White ... planes.
a. flys b. flies c. fly

9. The table is .... of the sofa.
a. in front b. next c. near

10. Sam ... football today.
a. is play b. is playing c. plays

11. There are ... carrots on the table.
a. some b. any c. much

12. ... you German ?
a. Is b. Are c. Am

13. Look at those ...
a. man`s b. man c. men

14. How ... bananas do you want?
a. many b. much c. any

15. I go to the park ... the weekend.
a. at b. in c. on

16. Listen! The girl ... a song.
a. sings b. is singing c. is sing

17. This is .... kitten.
a. Ann’ b. Anns c. Ann’s

18. Bob .... dinner every day.
a. cook b. cooks c. is cook

19. Lara is ... home today.
a. in b. at c. on

20. ... your new flat?
a. Does Dan like b. Is Dan liking c. Like Dan


Test № 3

1. There are … continents in the world.
a. 5 b. 6 c. 7

2. There are … oceans n the world.
a. 4 b. 5 c. 6

3. The capital of the UK is ...
a. Washington DC b. England c. London

4. The symbol of England is …
a. a red rose b. a white rose c. a shamrock

5. The UK is washed by ... in the north.
a. the Irish Sea b. the Atlantic Ocean c. the North Sea

6. The flag of the UK is called ...
a. Union Jack b. Welsh dragon c. Stars and Stripes

7. What`s the name of the most famous clock in Britain.
a. Big Albert b. Big Ben c. Big Wren

8. What`s the name of the London underground?
a. Metro b. Tube c. Underground

9. What London street is famous for shops?
a. Oxford Street b. Trafalgar Square c. Hollywood

10. Where is Ben Nevis situated?
a. in Scotland b. in Wales c. in England

11. What`s the home of the queen of the UK?
a. Regent Palace b. Westminster Palace c. Buckingham Palace

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