Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7 классе "We mustn’t kill animals"

УМК: Spotlight.

Цель урока: научить обучающихся высказываться о различных видах загрязнения окружающей среды, и находить пути их решения.


  • Активизировать употребление лексики по теме "Окружающая среда".
  • Совершенствовать навыки письма, чтения и говорения по теме урока.
  • Совершенствовать навыки письма, чтения и говорения по теме "Окружающая среда".
  • Развивать умение работать в группе, развивать чувство взаимопомощи.

Topic: We mustn’t kill animals.


  • to start speaking about the road, so students can express their thoughts on this topic;
  • to present pupils with new words on the topic;
  • to develop pupils’ listening and speaking skills on the material covered;
  • to give pupils spontaneous talks on the topic developing their imagination and creativity.

Visuals: a student’s book "Spotlight", a blackboard, a giving material sheets.

Language: answering questions, grammar exercises on adverbs of frequency and prepositions of time, tape recorder with the information about safety on the road.





T: Good morning, children. The bell has rung so let’s start our lesson, we have a lot to do today.
- It is nice to see you, you may take your seats now.

Lead up activities

Discussing the lesson plan, setting goals.

- Now let’s take a look on the blackboard and get to know the plan we are going to stick today.
- First we are going to talk about the pollution and protection of the environment.

Checking homework

T: We’ll do a little test to check your knowledge on articles. You have 5 minutes.

  1. The future of our planet is in our … .
    a) arms;
    b) hands;
    c) minds.
  2. I like to see … sun in … sky in the morning.
  3. … Earth goes around … sun.
  4. Окружающая среда - …
  5. People of the world mustn’t … air, oceans and rivers, … trees and kill animals.

Follow up activities

Continue speaking on the topic

Oral practice, making a diagram.
T: Since you know the topic of our lesson, let’s do the following.
- Look at the blackboard and chose the words that are connected with the word POLLUTION and explain why.

Prefix "re"
- Look and read the rule on page 67 about the prefix. Lets do ex 2 all together
- Now in pairs do ex 1. Here you are to rewrite the sentences using prefix RE. ex 1

Putting down new words
- Let’s listen, read and put down new words. Ex 3 on p 67.

Group work with the text

T: Do you know how people can take care about the environment? What do you do?
- Look at ex 5. Here Rob is telling about the environment in Britain.
- We’ll listen to the text and match pictures with facts from the text. Then we’ll work in groups.

1 group does ex 7 on p. 69
In England people …
Some people do it because …

2 group does ex 8 on p. 69

  1. If I sort my rubbish, a) I can save the environment.
  2. If I reuse my old exercise books, b) I can save the oceans, seas and rivers.
  3. If I don’t wear a fur coat, c) I can save the forest.
  4. If I always turn water off, d) I can save the animals.

3 group does ex 10 on p. 69

  1. I’ll … the TV because nobody is watching it.
  2. … the radio! I want to hear the news.
  3. You mustn’t forget to … the lights.
  4. Let’s dance. … The music.


Commenting on student’s marks

T: Thank you for your work today, we learned a lot today about road and safety rules on the road, as well imperative mood and how to give instructions and don’t.
- it is time for the bell, write down the homework.

- At home you are to learn the new words from ex 3 on page 67 and ex 5 on p 68 read the text and know all the words.
- Thank you and you may be free.

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