Закрепление лексических единиц по теме "Еда" для 7-8 классов

В конце изучения темы учителя часто используют обычный тест или проверочную работу. Обучающиеся ожидают очередного испытания с тревогой и часто просто не могут сконцентрироваться на материале, а не на результатах проверки.

Предлагаем один из вариантов закрепления материала по теме "Еда". Урок предназначен для проведения в 7-8 классах.

Организационный момент

Фонетическая зарядка

Обучающимся предлагается рифмовка с пропущенными словами. Дети вставляют рифму и тренируют произношение.

Hi, my name is Sam,
I like eating ham.
My name is Louise,

I like to eat cheese.
My big brother Jake
Is fond of cake.

And my sister Bunny
Eats too much honey.
This girl is Lola.

She likes drinking cola.
And this boy is Fred.
He likes eating bread.

Речевая зарядка

Do you usually have breakfast?
What did you have for breakfast yesterday?
Do you have a substantial breakfast?

What is "High tea"?
What tea is called "Russian tea"? \"English tea"?

Основная часть

Make up words using the following syllables


Дефиниции слов

This means "to cook (or be cooked) in an oven or over an open fire." In this way we may cook meat (veal, pork), fowl (chicken, turkey), etc. (To roast)

It is a dish served before or at the beginning of a meal (it may be salad, fish, olives, soup, fruit juice, etc.) Hors d'oeuvre (pi -s) is usually used on menu cards - Starter (pi -s)

It is sliced bread made brown and crisp on the outside by heating in a toaster. (Toast)
These are fried pieces of potato, often eaten with fried fish. (Chips)

A very popular English dish. It is a thick mixture of flour, suet, meat, fruit, etc., cooked by boiling, steaming or baking (Pudding)

Проверка знания написания слов

Substantial, Omelette, porridge, mustard, steak, pastry, delicious, snack, salt-cellar, nourishing.

Quick meal quiz

Choose the best answer

1. What word is used for the meat of a cow or bull?
a) pork
b) veal
c) beef

2. What word is used for the meat of a calf?
a) pork
b) veal
c) beef

3. What word is used for the meat of a pig?
a) pork
b) veal
c) mutton

4. Young sheep’s meat is called?
a) mutton
b) bacon
c) lamb

5. The meat of a fully grown sheep is called
a) lamb
b) mutton
c) veal

6. This meat is sliced and served fried with eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages and bread for breakfast in Britain. It is
a) bacon
b) venison
c) lamb

7. The meat of a deer used for eating is known as
a) venison
b) deer
c) pork

Odd one out

  • Carrot, radish, leek, cucumber, pineapple.
  • Pig, veal, mutton, beef, pork.
  • Strawberry, orange, raspberry, gooseberry, currant.
  • Chicken, turkey, goose, salmon, duck.
  • Milk, cheese, juice, wine, tea.

Country food
Can you pair up each type of food and its country of origin?
1) Haggis         a) Italy
2) Spaghetti      b) Hungary
3) Hot dogs      c) Scotland
4) Goulash       d) India
5) Curry          e) Greece
6) Moussaka     f) America

Key: 1-c, 2–a, 3–f, 4–b, 5 –d, 6–e.

Fruity language

There are a lot of idiomatic expressions in English which use the names of fruits and vegetables. Check how many you know by matching the expressions with their meanings.

  1. To be the apple of someone’s eye
  2. To go bananas
  3. As cool as a cucumber
  4. To be in a pickle
  5. A lemon
  6. A couch potato
  7. A bowl of cherries
  8. A carrot
  1. To become wild or angry; to go crazy
  2. To be in a difficult or confused situation
  3. A silly person
  4. Someone who spends lot of time watching TV
  5. A promised reward for doing something
  6. Something very, very pleasant
  7. Very calm, not nervous or embarrassed
  8. To be one’s favourite (person or thing)

Key: 1-h, 2-a, 3-g, 4-b, 5-c, 6-d, 7-f, 8-e.

Игра "Кулинар"

A play "Can you cook?" I name the ingredients and you tell me the dish: e.g. eggs and milk - omelette

  • meat
  • potatoes
  • cabbage
  • onion
  • carrot
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