Конспект урока английского языка 6 класс "My friend"

Цель урока:

  • изучение лексики по теме урока, совершенствование произносительных навыков, развитие навыков чтения;
  • расширение кругозора учащихся.

Ход урока

Организационный этап

Good morning, boys and girls! Let’s smile, look at each other and wave your hands.

Are you sad?
Are you happy?
Are you ready to work?

Постановка цели и задач урока

I have got a lot of photos. Do you want to see them?
What can you see on this photo?

Who are they? They are classmates.
What can you do all together? We can …
Are you friends?

What are you going to talk about?
So, today we are going to talk about you, your character and your ability to be a good friend. We are going to talk about my friend.

  • to learn new words;
  • to translate;
  • to describe;
  • to communicate;
  • to sum up.

Актуализация знаний

Have you got a lot of friends?

1. I have got a lot of negative and positive words. You should divide these words into 2 groups. 2 pupil go the blackboard, read a word and stick this word.



















2. Translate these words from English inti Russian. 4 minutes for this task.
Let’s check. Read and translate this words one by one. Write + or – next to this word.

Count right translation.
How many points have you got for this task? Write down here.

3. What is your friend? Answer this question. Let’s check.

Первичное закрепление

1. Fill in the blanks with words sociable, shy, lazy, get on, talkative, good at, helpful, cheerful, honest, polite.

  1. She often chats with Helen at lesson. She is …
  2. You don’t often do your homework. You are …
  3. He doesn’t like new people. He is …
  4. Helen has got many friends. She likes meet new people. She is …
  5. The boys are friendly. They … . … with other children.
  6. Jane always tells the truth. She is …
  7. He often helps his friends. He is …
  8. Paul has good manners. He is …
  9. My best friend is strong. He is … sports.
  10. My Dad never looks unhappy. He is always …

Let’s check. Read one by one, please.


Учащиеся выполняют действия проговариваемые учителем.

Stand up, please.
Show me your hands.
Hands up. Hands down.

Clap your hands.
Turn around.
Nod your head.

Clap your hands.
Smile please, all together your classmates and friends.
Sit down, please.

3. Fill in the gaps with right words:

1. Max always talking at school. He is very ... .
a) shy
b) talkative
c) boastful

2. Misha and Nikita never do their homework. They are ... .
a) helpful
b) lazy
c) polite

3. Roma never goes to parties. He is very ... .
a) sociable
b) cheerful
c) shy

4. Natasha is very kind. She is always ... .
a) careless
b) helpful
c) bossy

5. Anton does not looks unhappy. He is always ... .
a) bossy
b) shy
c) cheerful

Let’s check. Count right variants.
How many points have you got for this task?
Write down here, too.

Проблемные задания

1.You should draw and describe your friend, using the plan
I have got a friend.

  1. Name.
  2. Height.
  3. Hair.
  4. Eyes.
  5. Nose.
  6. Character.
  7. His hobby.

Прочитайте текст и определите, к какому из его героев относятся приведенные характеристики.

a) Ron
b) Lilly
c) Tom

  1. a strong boy (c)
  2. 13 years old (a)
  3. short hair (b)
  4. wears blue jeans (b)
  5. cheerful (b)

Ron’s friends

My name is Ron. I’m thirteen years old. Let me tell you about my good friends. Lilly is my best friend but she is a bit older than I am. Last year she had long hair but now her hair is much shorter.

I think she is good-looking. Her favourite clothes are blue jeans. She likes to wear them all the time. She is very cheerful and we never quarrel.

Tom is quite different from other boys in our class. He isn’t the tallest boy but he is much stronger than some of the boys. He’s the best judoist. Besides he’s kind, honest and helpful. I hate it when boys call names and tease but Tom never does this. It’s brilliant to have him as a friend.


Count total points, please.
Какие из заданий вы выполнили лучше всего и почему?

Важно ли учить новые слова для урока английского?
Составьте небольшой план для дальнейшего изучения английского языка.

Домашнее задание

Стр. 29 повторить правило, выписать предложения в 2 столбика. (Present Simple and Present Progressive)

Are you sad? (Показать смайлик)
Are you happy?

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