Сценка "Золушка" на английском языке для учащихся 4 классов


Storyteller: Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella.
- She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. They were very unkind to her.
Stepmother: Cinderella, make the beds!

First sister: Cinderella, clean the floor!
Second sister: Cinderella, iron my dress!

Storyteller: Cinderella does everything. She is a nice girl.
- Her stepsisters call her Cinderella, because she is always covered in cinders.
- Now her stepmother and stepsisters are going to the ball.

First sister: Do you also want to go to the ball?
Cinderella: Oh, I can’t dream of the ball at all!

Stepmother: Of course, you have much work to do.
- You must think about it, too.

Second sister: Mend my socks!
Stepmother: Cook dinner!
First sister: Plant roses in the garden!

Cinderella: Oh, I can’t go to the ball.
- My only dress is dirty and old!
Fairy: I am your fairy godmother. Dry your eyes. You shall go to the ball.

Cinderella: But how?
Fairy: In a magic, magic way, be beautiful today! In a magic, magic way, be lovely today!
Cinderella: Thank you dear fairy!

Fairy: Now you can go to the ball.
- But at twelve o’clock you must be at home, dear!
- Otherwise your dress will disappear!

Storyteller: At the palace the prince is looking at her. He dances with Cinderella the whole night.
- Cinderella hears the clock begin to strike twelve.
Cinderella: Good bye, my Prince! I must go!

Prince: Where are you running?
I’m in the cart.
Don’t leave me, my darling!
Don’t break, please my heart!

Prince: Her shoe is so small! I must find this girl!
Storyteller: Не sends his messengers to find Cinderella.
- And they соmе to Cinderella’s house with a shoe lost by Cinderella at the ball.
First sister: It is too small for me.

Second sister: It is too small for me, too.
Prince: Why don’t you try it on? You are my Princess!

Prince and Cinderella:
If apples were pears,
And peaches were plums,
And the rose had a different name,

If tigers were bears,
And fingers were thumbs,
I’d love you just the same.

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