Сочинение на английском языке на тему "About Myself"

Hi! My name is Vitalik. I am twelve. I am a schoolboy. I am in the sixth form. I am not English. I am Russian. I live in Chernoerkovskaya.

I go to school № 48. I study in one of typical secondary schools. I am a good pupil: I do my best to learn as much as possible to be able to use the knowledge in my future.

Мy hobby is English. I learn it at school and at language center. I also like sports. My favorite subjects at school are English and PE. Every person has relatives and friends who are always there, who can be trusted and who can be relied on in any situation — these people are his family members. This is why our family plays such an important role in our life.

My family isn’t big. I have a mother, a father and a brother. I love them. My mother’s name is Irina. She is forty-five. She is a seller. My father’s name is Grigory. He is fifty. He is a builder. My brother’s name is Vladimir. He is twenty-five. He is a watchman. I love my family very much.

One of the most valuable things in life is friendship. It is extremely important for people to have someone, who they can trust. I have a friend. His name is Kirill. Kirill is twelve too. He is a schoolboy at my school. We are good friends. We like to play volleyball together.

That’s all about me. And what about you?

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