Сценарий мюзикла на английском языке для 2 класса "The Twelve Months"

We are what we

Bear: Why are you crying, little thing?
Masha: I’d like to have… just now… spring!dance and sing,
It’s so boring in winter here.
Let’s have a party, Mishka, dear!

Bear: But spring comes after winter as a rule.
Masha: I’d like, I’d like, I’d like…
Bright blue the sky
I’d like beautifulflowers, too.
Mishka, give me a basket of snowdrops, will you?

Bear: What a whimsical girl you are!
It’s just a fairy-tale. Will you eat a chocolate bar?
Masha: A fairy-tale? I’d like, I’d like it too.

Bear: OK. I’ll watch the fairy-tale with you.
Well, before I’d like to ask you, Masha
If you know all the months?

Masha: I can name them all at once.
Well, January, February… December

Bear: OK. But always remember
Months come one by one.
February never comes before January,[
September never comes before August,  bar none.

Masha: And I want April before January.
I’d like snowdrops very much.
Bear: It’s really impossible.

Speaker: To tell the truth, there lived a girl
Who happened to see the months all together.
In the forest a fire they burn
Once a year and in any weather.

Speaker: Somewhere in a villagea greedy woman lived,
She had a dear daughter who liked to sleep and eat.
She never cleaned the house and never cooked the food,
The daughter like hermother was always very rude.

The daughter has a sister, not a full sister at all,
The girl was a stepdaughter but pretty like a doll.
In her stepmother’s house she worked till very night
She cooked, weeded the garden,

Brought wood and never cried.
The mother and the daughter called her a draggle-tail.
In winter, autumn, summer she’d no time to play.
She only missed her mother, every day!

Every baby

Stepmother: Hey! Adraggle-tail, put everything away,
Bring a basket of snowdrops, I say.
Daughter: Here’s a basket for you
Pick up nice snowdrops
Many, not a few!

Stepdaughter: It’s terribly cold,
I can be frozen.
Daughter: I am not joking,
You’ve been chosen.

Stepdaughter: Let’s wait for spring.
And snowdrops will be ours.
Daughter: Stop talking!
And never come back without flowers!

Stepdaughter: The forest is scary and dark.
I can see nothing around
There is only one star in the sky
And not any flower on the ground.

Twinkle star

Robbers: Ahaaa, we caught you!
Stepdaughter: What do you want from me?
We'll never more be good;
We are the robbers fierce,

And live in a dreary wood,
Wood, wood, wood,
We live in a dreary wood.
Now, give us your purse;

Or we’ll catch you and that’s no good,
And hide you, which is worse!
Worse, worse, worse,
And hide you, which is worse.

Stepdaughter: But I have nothing! My stepmothermade me go to the woods to take snowdrops!
How cruel it is
for children and kids
And if you ask me
I’ll set her free!


December: Who are you? What brought you here?
Stepdaughter: I needa full basket of snowdrops
Or the punishment will be severe.

January: Snowdrops in January?
Is it a joke, girl?
February: What are you going to do
I’d like to hear from you.

Stepdaughter: I’ll stay in the forest and wait
Till in April flowers appear.
I won’t go back home,
I would rather freeze here.

April: Brother January, I beg you
Let me take your place
I promise,in an hour
You just won’t see my trace.

January: BrotherApril, I don’t mind much
But April cannot come earlier than February and March.
February: Neither do I
Little girl, don’t cry!

March: As for me, I don’t mind
The girl is good and very kind
September: Autumn months like her too
For hard work, kindness andcheerful mood.

March: We must help her, in my opinion.
January: So be it! Let’s continue.
I yield my place without delay.
Brother February, now your turn. Hey!

February: Winter winds and snowstorms,
Blowwith all your might!
Snowdrifts and blizzards

Spin towards night!
Now, it’s up to you, Brother March.
Take the staff and keep in touch!

March: The sky is very high and blue
Clouds float fast.
Sparrows began to tweet
On the roofs and trees.
Willows are wearing
Silver earrings.

Orange song

March: Brother April, it’s your turn now
Knock 3 times and we will count!
April: Streams, run!
Puddles, spread!
Ants, get out!
Snow, melt!

After winter frosts
MayBirds, start singing songs!
Bears, make the waythrough wood!
Tender snowdrops, bloom!

JuneI can’t believe my eyes, Brother July.
It’s warm and sunny like in summer,
I can’t see snow anywhere
But there are snowdrops here and there.

JulyDear girl, be quick!
Take your basket and pick!
We’ve got only an hour
To slip off the flowers.


August Snowdrops here, snowdrops there,
Snowdrops, snowdrops everywhere.
But you won’t pick them all,
Some of them are very small. (picks the flowers)

Thank you, thank you,brothers-months.
It’s timeto go home and here’s the path. (walks away)
Stepmother: Is it you, a draggle-tail?
Why are you so quick?

Daughter: She’s brought a basket of flowers
And isn’t even sick.
Stepmother: Come on, answer where you went!
Did they give you a present?

Stepdaughter: No, no! They gave me a cup of hot tea.
That was enough for me.

Daughter: Mom, I’ve got a brilliant idea
For promoting our business career!
If we go together to the wood
We’ll bring twice as much food.

Daughter: Oh, mom, it’s so cold
And we can’t find the road.
Stepmother: Look, my baby, there’s a light over there
Let’s go and warm our hands at the fire.

October: Wow! What are you doing here?
It’s not the right time to walk,
The weather is severe.

Daughter: We want to get presents from you.
Stepmother: Maybe something delicious, too.

November: Wait now, chatterers!
It can't be done.
Seasons come one by one.
Summer never comes before spring,
Spring never comes before winter,.

January: And remember, it’s my turn now.
I’m the master in the forest somehow.
And I will reign for 31 days.
Stepmother: How cross you are, I must say.
All in good time!

Daughter: Stop it!
Stepmother: Enough! Why aren’t you kind?

Bear: Ah, Masha. Like it or not,
In January it won’t be hot.
Everything is good in its season.
There are no snowdrops for this reason.

Masha: Mom and daughter from the tale!
They were greedy, silly, rude
And were frozen in the wood.
What happened to thedraggle-tail?

Her life was wonderful and long.
It was like a beautiful song.
She had aclose family.
They lived friendly and happily.
Fruits and flowers could be found

In her fairy garden all year round.
In hot weather it was cool there
And terrible snowstorms were rare.
People said, all the 12 months

Were on a visit inher garden at once.
Masha: Aha! Most fairy-talesare tending
To have a happy ending.
We wish you to be happy and we will try to do everything that will make you to smile. And believe, that it’sgonna be o’k!

Small world

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