Тест 7 класс: Future tenses

Тест по английскому языку для учащихся 7 класса по теме: Future tenses.

Состоит из 3 заданий на употребление правильной формы слов, знания времени Future Simple, Present Continuous и be going to.

Future tenses

№ 1 Раскройте скобки, используя Future Simple, Present Continuous или be going to

1. We ___________ (have) dinner this evening.
2. Next week we _______________ (travel) together around Europe.
3. I am cold. I _________ (close) the window.
4. His parents think Jim __________ (become) a doctor one day.
5. They have bought new sports shoes. They ___________ (start) running next week.
6. It’s getting dark. I ___________ (turn) on the light.
7. They __________ (be) 18 next month.
8. Jim earned a lot of money. He _________ (buy) a new phone.
9. I am hungry. I ____________(make) a sandwich.
10. Look! The car ______________( turn) down!


№ 2 Исправьте ошибки

1. My brother is going to be 14 next Monday.
2. We is going to travel to London.
3. Look, Amanda! John will win this race!
4. It’s too hot. I am going to drink a glass of cold water.
5. The clients will attend the meeting this Friday.


№ 3 Раскройте скобки, используя условное наклонение 0 или 1 типа

1. If Peter __________ (come) to my place, we__________ (go) to play in the yard.
2. If you__________ (water) your plants, they__________ (die).
3. If you __________ (hurry up), you__________ (catch) a bus.
4. If you __________ (heat) water to 1000, it __________ (boil).
5. If I _______ (drop) a book, it _______ (fall).
6. I _______ (visit) you if I _______ (have) free time this evening.
7. We_______ (buy) this book if it _______ (be) on sale.
8. If you _______ (eat) lunch, you _______ (not be) hungry.
9. I_______ (pass) the exam if I _______ (study) hard.
10. If you_______ (not eat) your breakfast, you_______ (be) hungry all the day.

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