Пьеса на английском языке рождественской истории «To Meet Santa»

Заключительный концерт в виде рождественской истории «To Meet Santa» прошел 25 декабря в 16:00 и стал завершением декады английского языка. Идея собрать вместе Санта Клауса, Деда Мороза, Итальянскую ведьму Бефану, гавайцев и эскимосов с тем, чтобы показать, как люди в разных странах празднуют Рождество и Новый Год, была поддержана. Сценарий был полностью на английском языке, за исключением Российского Деда Мороза. Сценарий отличался от всех традиционных новогодних сказок новизной и современным взглядом и интерпретацией. Учащиеся с удовольствием репетировали и получали удовольствие от процесса подготовки.


A girl (Rayana) is sitting at the table at writing a letter to Santa:” Dear Santa, all year I was a very good girl! I was a diligent student at school. I always did my homework. I always obeyed my Mom and Dad. I helped with the housework! I would like to ask you to bring joy and happiness to my family and all my relatives. I would like all people in the world to be able to ask about help and to get this help. It is very important to manage to ask about what you need. I wish all people’s dreams come true. I wish peace stay on the Earth and we all appreciate what we have. But my biggest desire is to meet you personally! I am sure we will be very good friends!

(Her brother Stas enteres the room)

- What are you doing? (Stas)

- I am writing a letter to Santa. (Rayana)

- Writing a letter? In the 21st century? All people have computers and the access to the Internet. Why not to write an e-mail to him? (Stas)

- E-mail? What’s this? (Rayana)

- An electronic letter. You type it and sent from your computer. The letter immediately enters the Santa’s mailbox…By the way, have you known before that Santa has his own website? (Stas)
- Website? What website? (Rayana)

- Oh, my God! Check this out, Rayana, you type www.santaclaus.net and …Stop! What Santa are you writing to? (Stas)

- What do you mean “What Santa”? (Rayana)

- Rayana, do you think there is the only Santa in the world? (Stas)

- Why not? (Rayana)

- You still don’t know so many things, Rayana! OK, I will tell you what I know myself as your older brother. People in different countries celebrate Christmas and New Year in different ways. And by the way they have their own Santas. (Stas)

- I can’t belive it! Who are you kidding? No, no, no, it’s totally unacceptable! Santa is unique and special! (Rayana)

- Yes, he is but… Stop, I know how to prove it. Look! With help of virtual space we’ll travel around the world and see how people celebrate Christmas. (Stas)

Christmas in the Great Britain.

Santa (Ahmed) is sitting at the desk among the piles of letters from children all over the world. (As a background Jingle Bells sounds)

- Everyday is the same! I feel like a robot! I get up at 5 o’clock, have cookies and milk for breakfast, go to my Christmas workshop and check what my elfs make for kids all over the world. Then I have cookies and milk for lunch, sleep a little bit and again at 5 o’clock pm have cookies and milk… I am fed up with milk and cookies! I wanna meat, coffee without milk, bananas and lemonade at least.

What I have to listen every day? Me? Who was the most talented Santa in the class? Who played in rock band? Jingle Bells? (He sits at the piano and plays Warriors Imagine Dragons) See! That’s what I like. We live in the 21st century! By the way, my transport, how I move, by reindeers, ridiculous! (Ahmed)

- Santa, Santa, your main elf is late because he got stuck in a terrible traffic jam! (Elf)

- Traffic Jam? How is that possible? Are sky roads gridlocked? (Ahmed)

- But, Santa, you have recently turned all your reindeers into Mersedeses. (Elf)

- Oh, I forgot! You never know what is better! I need to visit my sister Befana, I haven’t seen her for ages! She lives in Italy and I will eat pizza, cheese and spaghetti! (Ahmed)

- Who are you and why you entered my house? Oh, no, stop, it was from another play who are you, my little child, and what do you need from me? (Ahmed)

- Santa, it was my dream to see how people celebrate Christmas all over the world. Please, take me with you! (Rayana)

- OK! No problem! We still have no my helper but I have a driving license! (Ahmed)

- No, Santa, let’s go by reindeers! (Rayana)

- Oh, I am too kind sometimes! Ok, lets! (Ahmed)

Christmas in Italy with the witch Befana

Befana (Alua) wearing bandana and shorts with a big broom walking along her room back and forth and screaming: “Mama mia, tradizione idiota! I should fly on a broom whereas il mio fratello Santa Claus flies on a sleigh with funny reindeers! I should eat pizza and spaghetti whereas il mio fratello Santa Claus eats cookies and milk? I hate it! (Then she sees Santa and guests)

-  Amore mio, il mio caro fratello! Ciao, ciao, come stai? (Alua)

-  Molto bene, grazie, mia sorella! (Ahmed)

-  Stop! Let’s fence first! (Alua)

-  Fence! Are you kidding, Befana? (Ahmed)

-  Come on, Klaus, I will prick you!

They are fencing, at last Befana wins.

- You are losing your shape, carissimo! (Alua)

- That’s what I am talking every day, Bef! I am eating only cookies and milk! (Ahmed)

Then Befana sees Alex and Stas:

- Who are they, russo turisto? (Alua)

- Turisto, but not russo! (Ahmed)

- Oh, dear lady Befana, I am so happy to meet you! I have never known about you! (Rayana)

- You haven’t known about me? Questo e impossibile! Questo e koshmar! (Alua)

- Calm down, sorella! Let’s sing our favorite song! (Ahmed)

They sing a song together Flyleaf.

- Listen, I have never known that witches can be so cool! She is gorgeous! I like her so much! (Rayana)

- Yea! Pretty cool old eternal lady! But we have to visit two more countries and now we will visit Hawaii. (Stas)

- Hawaii? Stas, you are pulling your leg! People in Hawaii cannot have Christmas because they have no snow! (Rayana)

- Alex, you will be really surprised to see how they have a blast during this holiday. Come on, let’s go, you will see everything yourself! (Stas)

Christmas in Hawaii!

- I am tired, Stas! We have just visited three different countries! What else? (Rayana)

- What else? Let me think, Oh, I know, Russia! (Stas)

- Oh no! (Rayana)

- Why? What’s wrong with Russia! (Stas)

- It’s very cold there! (Rayana)

- Rayana, cold is better that rain at Christmas Eve! Come on! (Stas)

- OK! (Rayana)

Christmas in Russia with Father Frost!

Дед Мороз (Дима Маклецев) ходит по сцене и воспитывает снежинок. Дима должен сыграть как режиссер, типа: «Не верю, сколько раз повторять вам, не убедили вы меня, что это за танцы, вы к детям собрались или на дискотеку? Ну-ка еще раз по местам, занять свои позиции» Снежинки с Некитом танцуют свой танец.

Райана и Стас хлопают и кричат «Браво!», Дед Мороз поворачивается к ним и говорит: «А это еще что за диво дивное, зачем пожаловали?»

- We would like to see how you live and people in your country! (Райана и Стас)

- Иностранцы что-ли? Отправлю-ка я их в Африку, вот смеху то будет! (Дима Маклецев)

Но и сам попадает в Африку!

Там сталкивается лицом к лицу с папуасом дед морозом. Оба орут: «АААА»

Потом танцуют и поют Эскимос и папуас) 

Затем Дед Мороз просит прощения у ребят и летит с ними назад, номер Российский дед мороз!

- Well, Rayana, now you know that in different countries there are different magicians and traditions. Have you chosen who you is gonna write your letter? (Stas)

- I have changed my mind, Stas! I wanna see all of them one more time! (Rayana)

- I can do it in one go! (Stas)

- You? You know what? You are the greatest show-off I have ever met in my life! (Rayana)

- Me? Show-off? Rayana, don’t forget, we live in the 21st century and I will only press the button ‘ENTER’ and Abracadabra… (Stas)

All four magicians come out and greet Rayana! Then one of them asks Rayana!

- Have you already made your New Year’s Resolutions? (Ahmed)

- Have I made what? (Rayana)

- Stop, stop, may I tell the world about this great New Year’s tradition!

Before the clock strikes 12 times people all over the world make their New Year’s resolutions and decide to do something new at the beginning of the New Year! Let’s all make our New Year’s resolutions. I am sure New Year will bring all of us happiness and new productive and efficient life! (Stas)

People take a small piece of paper and write down their New Year’s Resolution then roll it into the small rolls! Then we all burn candles.

Candles and small glasses and the song “Last Christmas” of Wham.

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Анна Николаевна! Огромное спасибо за разработку! Очень интересный спектакль, прочитала на одном дыхании. Уже представила. как буду ставить на сцене. Современно, креативно.
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