Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 4 класса

В работе представлена итоговая контрольная работа за курс английского языка в начальной школе для 4 класса, предназначена для контроля уровня знаний учащихся при окончании первой ступени обучения.

Задание 1. Посмотри и выбери верное слово

Выбери верное словоВыбери верное слово

Задание 2. Соотнеси слова, составив выражения.

go         visit         cook         drink         travel to         listen         paint         watch

to music      lunch      a picture       tea       grandparents       Spain       to museum       TV

Задание 3. Выбери верное слово

1. How .. olive oil do you need?
a) many
b) much

2. Tom is the ... singer.
a) best
b) better

3. Jack ... the race and he was very happy.
a) win
b) won

4. ... I play outside, please?
a) May
b) Have to
5. She ... to the museum every day.
a) is going
b) goes

6. Harry is going to ... to Greece this summer.
a) go
b) going

7. Lulu drew a picture two days ... .
a) last
b) ago

8. ... play volleyball yesterday?
a) You did
b) id you

Задание 4. Выбери верное выражение

1. What does he look like?
a) He’s tall and thin.
b) He’s bored.

2. When did you visit your grandmother?
a) Tomorrow.
b) Last Sunday.

3. Where is Kate going to go on holiday?
a) Go camping.
b) To Spain.

4. How do you get to school?
a) By car.
b) Every morning.

Задание 5. Том и его папа поехали на каникулы в Великобританию. Прочитай текст и ответь: Да (Yes) или Нет (No)

Tom and his Dad are having a great time here in Great Britain. The weather is hot and sunny.

Yesterday they went to a museum. Then they ate lunch in a café next to the river. Tom loves British food! They ate fish and chips for lunch. In the afternoon they went shopping and Tom bought a new T-shirt.

Tomorrow they are going to walk in the park. Parks are great in London! Then they are going to see Big Ben and Dad is going to take some photos.

  1. Tom and his Dad are in Great Britain now.
  2. The weather is rainy.
  3. They went to the park yesterday.
  4. Tom bought jeans.
  5. They are going to see Big Ben tomorrow.

Задание 6Задание 6


Задание 7 контрольной работыЗадание 7 контрольной работы

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