План-конспект слэм-урока английского языка на тему "Здоровье"

Цель слэм-урока урока английского языка - обмен опытом работы учителей иностранного языка для повышения качества обучения в средней общеобразовательной школе

Ход урока

I. Presentation

The Minto Pyramid is a simple but effective technique for composing a reasoned speech or a letter. According to the theory of Barbara Minto, a text is well perceived only if its ideas are logically interconnected and built according to the principle of a pyramid, where the main idea is at the top and specifying details are at the base.

Only such a structure makes the message as accessible as possible for understanding, because thoughts are presented in the order that is optimal for perception.


The Minto PyramidThe Minto Pyramid

The pyramid can have as many "tiers" as you like, as long as you have something to say. However, keep in mind that human perception has limits, the brain can get tired and lose concentration, so 3 tiers are considered to be optimal for a small performance.

  1. What will be discussed? (Subject)
  2. What problem are you solving? (Question)
  3. What is the solution to your problem? (The answer is this is the main idea of the speech)

In an English lesson, in a generalized form, the pyramid may look like this:

Pyramid "What / Why / HowPyramid "What / Why / How

What / Why / How (problem / arguments/ solutions)

II. Practice

Now look here. (Карточки со словосочетаниями прикреплены к магнитной доске)

A high temperature; A headache; Take a painkiller; Call a pediatrician; Drink warm milk with honey; Put a cold compress on; A sore throat; A terrible cough and sneeze; A runny nose; Drink warm tea with ginger or lemon; A weakness; Buy a spray for your nose; Stay in bed; Take a cough medicine; Have enough sleep.

- Imagine, that I am your student. Guess, what problem I have. (Answer: Perhaps you have the flu. Выставить вершину пирамиды - карточку со словами a cold/the flu)

- Really I have cold, may be the flu. It’s autumn now, people often catch cold and get ill. What makes you think that I am sick?
(Выстроить 2-й уровень пирамиды, выбирая карточки со следующими словосочетаниями из списка: A high temperature; A headache; A sore throat; A terrible cough and sneeze; A runny nose; A weakness)

- Now let’s find ways for my quick recovery. For example: Stay in bed and Have enough sleep for the weakness in my body.

Карточки со словосочетаниямиКарточки со словосочетаниями

- Our pyramid is ready.

III. Production

Now let’s work in groups. You are doctors and you have a helper- a strict young man whose name is Must. And you are friends, your helper is a lovely girl. Her name is Should. (Выдать рабочие листы с условными картинками юноши и девушки и именами, как глаголами-подсказками, нужными для каждой группы)

Please, give me some tips to recover fast.


  • 1 group: If you have a high temperature, you must call a pediatrician…
  • 2 group: If you have a high temperature, you should put a cold compress on …

Thank you!

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