Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) is the world's largest international intergovernmental organization that takes part in the fight against ordinary crime.

It was created on September 7, 1923.

Currently, this organization includes 192 states. The USSR, and now the Russian Federation has been a member of Interpol since 1990.

The purpose of the creation of Interpol is to coordinate the efforts of different countries and conduct a unified policy in the field of combating criminal crime. Interpol, for example, doesn't deal with the internal problems of any one country; the organization focuses on international criminal problems.

Interpol is conducting a search for persons suspected of committing international crimes conducted outside the territory of the state. The international search for missing persons is carried out in the framework of Interpol in cases where the national search didn't succeed.

Interpol logoInterpol logo

The organization also conducts the search for stolen property (vehicles, works of art, archaeological property, weapons). The President of the Interpol Executive Committee is in fact the head of the entire organization and manages its activity in the period between sessions of the General Assembly. All management is carried out both through the Executive Committee, and directly through the adoption of sole decisions on current cases.

Meetings of the Executive Committee are held at least once a year. All decisions are taken by majority vote. The activities of Interpol are limited to the registration of criminals and international search. The basis of this activity is the collection of information on the fight against crime, its synthesis, processing and dissemination through technical means and publications in the press.

Representative of South Korea Kim Jong Yang is elected the new president of Interpol. The head of Interpol Meng Hongwei was accused of corruption and was dismissed.
Voting for the new president was held in Dubai at the 87th session of the General Assembly of Interpol.

Interpol headquarters is located in Lyon. It is there that contains a dossier on all known world criminals with a detailed description of the circumstances of their crimes, personal characteristics, fingerprints, DNA test results, as well as the specifics of their criminal specialization. If necessary, this information is sent via confidential channels to various countries.

Interpol headquarters in LyonInterpol headquarters in Lyon

Interpol is both a mechanism and a mediator in practical cooperation of the criminal police services of different states in their daily work on the detection of specific crimes, coordination and cooperation of their joint efforts. In this mechanism of cooperation, Interpol acts as a single global center for the development of a joint police strategy and tactics in the fight against international crime.

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