Сборник упражнений по теме Present Simple / Present Continuous

В работе представлен сборник упражнений по английскому языку для на закрепление грамматической темы: Present Simple / Present Continuous.

Упражнения по теме Present Simple / Present Continuous

Упражнение 1

Выберите из скобок нужную форму. Объясните сделанный выбор.

1. It sometimes (snows/is snowing) here in April. 2. It (snows/is snowing) now. 3. Every morning mother (cooks/is cooking) breakfast for us. 4. It is 8 o’clock now. Mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast.

5. Every day father (leaves/is leaving) the house at half past eight. 6. Now it is half past eight. Father (leaves/is leaving) the house. 7. We often (watch/are watching) TV. 8. Now we (sit/ are sitting) in armchairs and (watch/are watching) TV.

9. Sometimes Mike (does/is doing) his lessons in the evening. 10. Look at Mike. He (does/is doing) his lessons. 11. It often (rains/is raining) in September. 12. It (rains/is raining) now. 13. Every day the family (has/is having) tea at 5 o’clock. 14. It is 5 o’clock now. The family (has/is having) tea.

Упражнение 2

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

  1. Не often (go) to the cinema.
  2. They (watch) TV at the moment.
  3. She (write) letters to her mother every week.
  4. Nina usually (drive) to work. 5. Father (sit) on the sofa now.
  5. Listen. The telephone (ring).
  6. Tim (study) a new language every year.
  7. We always (spend) the summer in York.
  8. In summer we usually (go) to the seaside.
  9. Look at Tom. He (ride) a horse.

Упражнение 3

Заполните пропуски, используя: don’t, doesn’t, isn’t, aren’t или am not.

1. We … watching a television programme now. 2. We … watch television every day. 3. It… raining very hard at the moment. 4. I … hear you well. 5. It… rain very much in summer. 6. Mr Johnson … eating his lunch now.

7. Mr Johnson … always eat at that cafe. 8. I… see any students in that room. 9. They … like milk for lunch. 10. He … have money for a new car.

Упражнение 4

Начните вопросы с do, does, is, are или am.

  • … you learn new words in each lesson?
  • … you learning the new words right now?
  • … she usually sit at the third desk?
  • … she sitting at the third desk today?
  • … you read many books every year?
  • … you reading an interesting book now?

Упражнение 5

Найдите ошибки и исправьте их.

1. We not going to school today. 2. What you doing after school? 3. At the moment Peter is work in Russia. 4. Does he got a new car?
5. He never wear a hat. 6. He don’t like black coffee. 7. We are have a good time. 8. What you doing now? 9. It rains at the moment. 10. How you like the game?


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